Lab Kits for Instructional Labs           

Greetings Students!


The following labs have kits for Fall 2023 : 110, 120, 206, 210, 343, 385, and 420. 


It’s important you read the following FAQ closely and get your order placed so you are ready to start labs. Kits are not automatically

reserved based on rosters, you must place your order online to pickup your kit.


Important Announcements:

  • Last Chance! : Order window extended through Thursday 9/7 @ 5 PM
  • Last days for pickups are Thursday 9/7 & Friday 9/8 - 10AM- 2PM 
    • Any kits not ordered and picked up during these windows will need to purchased.
  • In person pickup at the ECEB Kit Distribution Line is required for all in-person students. If you are not on campus limited shipments are available for $20 domestic and $120 international.
  • Orders placed before 5PM central time will be available for pickup on the next business day. You will not receive a separate notification to pick up your kit. 
  • Any kits not picked up during the pickup window will have to be purchased.
  • Please bring your previously ordered lab kits with you to campus! ADALMs, breadboards, and wire kits will be reused in your subsequent labs.  We will check orders against registration records and only provide these components to students who do not already have them.
  • ECE 420 Tablet Loans: It is important you keep all packaging for return shipment. Returning your loaned tablet requires the special shipping labels for lithium ion batteries. Unreturned tablets will be charged to student's account.  
  • ECE 385: FPGA and Shield will be loaned and returned by students this semester. Students are responsible for cost of return shipping or may return to RM 1034. Component kits will also be distributed by TAs as arranged by ECE 385 course staff. If you already have a wire-kit and breadboard from a previous class you have everything you need!

Important Dates:

Kit Order and Pickup: 

Order Window: Aug 14 - Sept 7 @ 5PM 

In Person Pickup Window: Sept 7-  Sept 8 at Room ECEB 1024 in the Facilities Corridor on the 1st Floor  - 10AM- 2PM

Last day to report missing parts : Sept 12

Any kits not ordered and picked up during these windows will need to purchased. 


Quick Links:

Online Store:  Please read FAQ below before ordering. Mistakes will cause delays in receiving your kit!

Local Pickup hours: 10AM- 2PM

Local Pickup Location:  ECEB 1024 in the Facilities Corridor on the 1st Floor

Kit Contents: Please check your kit contents immediately upon receipt and report any missing parts. We will not be able to mail replacement parts quickly and replacements will require instructor approval after the first week of kit receipt.  

If you have any questions please email for support.


Good luck this semester!


Kit Ordering FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I order my kit?
    • You will only be allowed to purchase kits for courses you are currently registered for.
    • Do not re-order if you already have a kit for your class from a previous semester. Only 1 kit per student.
    • On-line order instructions:
      1. Find your kit at the link above and “Add to cart”. Please place a separate order for each class.
      2. Shipping Options: "Pickup item(s)" is selected by default and is required for all in-person students. 
      3. If you will not be on campus this semester please select appropriate shipping option for continental US ($20) or international ($120)
      4. Confirm only a single kit is selected and “Proceed to Checkout”.
      5. Fill out Name / Address / Email / Phone Number for your billing address. (Destination’s local phone number is important for international shipments).
      6. If shipping was required please enter your shipping address. If your shipping address is the same as your billing address, please uncheck "Shipping Address different from Mailing Address” (Please double check your entries. We will not be able to correct/replace shipments due to incorrect info.)
      7. When finished, select “Complete Transaction”.  If shipment was required, please select "Continue to Payment Options" You will receive a confirmation screen as well as an email.


  • How much do the kits cost?
    • They are free of charge to students registered for the class.
    • If you do not pick up your kit in the designated pickup window you will be charged for the kit. 
    • If you drop the course and do not plan to retake in a future semester, you will be charged for the kit unless it is returned.
    • Students are responsible for the cost of return shipment if off campus.


  • Can I pick my kit up at ECEB?
    • Yes! This is the preferred option. Pickup is available in ECEB 1024 in the Facilities Corridor on the 1st Floor according to the dates above in "Important Dates"
    • Pick Up Instructions:
      1. Place your order on-line and select “Pickup item(s)”.  You will not be able to pick up a kit without an order.
      2. Orders placed before 5PM central time will be available for pickup on the next business day.
      3. Pickup location is on the north west side of ECEB @ 306 N Wright Street. 
      4. Please have your ICard ready so the attendant can confirm which kit you’re to receive.


  • Are you shipping kits to students that are not on campus?
    • Yes! We will be shipping kits via UPS to both domestic addresses for $20 and international addresses for $120.
    • Please note that on campus students are required to pick up in person. We will not automatically ship to Champaign-Urbana addresses.


  • Is tracking available?
    • Only if there are issues with delivery. We are unable to provide tracking on all orders due to the order volume.
    • Please allow at least 10 days before inquiring about tracking at


  • Why is my kit missing a wire kit / breadboard / ADALM2000?
    • Orders are checked against the labs you took in previous semesters and we are sending you only the new items needed for your registered labs.


  • What do I do if I’m missing parts or have a damaged shipment?
    • Whoops! We made a lot of kits and did quality checks but mistakes and damage can still happen! Email and let us know what you are missing. Pictures help!
    • Full part lists are in the "Quick Links" section above. Students are responsible for confirming all parts are present in the first week after receiving their kits.
    • We will not be able to issue replacements without instructor approval after this initial confirmation period.