Transfer Students

Tranferring to ECE from Within the University

Earning a bachelor’s degree from Illinois ECE gives budding engineers a solid foundation for their futures. ECE alumni go on to lead companies or start their own; many continue their education in engineering or countless other fields. The common thread: an undergraduate education at Illinois ECE will prepare you to follow your dreams.


The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department welcomes transfer students with strong foundations in introductory calculus and physics to consider a possible transfer.

Freshmen students who are not in the Grainger College of Engineering and want to transfer must apply to the Engineering Undeclared program (EU). Once in the program, students will be advised by EU advisors about transfer strategies to different majors.

Students in the Grainger College of Engineering who want to apply to ECE should prepare an application portfolio as described in the ICT/IDT WebApp.

ECE 220 can be satisfied by CS 124+CS 128 for successful applicants that have completed CS 124, CS 128, CS 173/MATH 213, and CS 225.

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