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Alchemy student team develops key technology for Safer Illinois App

Illinois ECE students are making significant contributions to the Safer Illinois app which is helping protect the campus from the spread of COVID-19.

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News | September 17, 2020


Colloquium: Graduate Student Well-being Informational Seminar
Colloquium: Graduate Student Well-being Informational Seminar

Colloquium: Graduate Student Well-being Informational Seminar | September 10, 2020

This informational seminar will focuses on graduate well-being, including relationships with advisors and peers, recommendations for health, and important resources that are available for students. The featured speaker are:

Thomas Miebach - Thomas is a Clinical Counselor/Crisis Triage Case Manager at the Counseling Center. He oversees the crisis/triage services at the Counseling center, and also serves on Suicide Intervention Team and Suicide Prevention Outreach Team. Thomas coordinates the trauma response services provided to the UIUC campus. Prior to working at the Counseling Center, he worked as a Crisis Clinician providing crisis mental health services to the Champaign-Urbana area.


A message to admitted students, from Illinois ECE students
A message to admitted students, from Illinois ECE students

This video was produced in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis in an effort to create a digital message to admitted students and alumni to replace the in-person events scheduled for Spring 2020. It was produced by Illinois ECE students and Registered Student Organizations who want to share their passion for Illinois ECE with admitted students, alumni, and the world.

This video was edited with the help of WaggleNet's workflow automation technology. Music credit: Public domain music; Original remix by WaggleNet. Student production crew: Matt Novelli - Photographer Bella Chen - Photographer Jiaming Zhang - Production Manager Jimmy He - Workflow Manager Victoria Jiron - Photographer; President of IRIS Jiaqi Lou - Editor & Graphic Designer Santhosh Bomminani - Photographer & Editor

Project Manager: Ryann Monahan, Illinois ECE Communications Coordinator Contact:

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Resonance Fall 2018


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