Making contact: ECE researchers wire up individual graphene nanoribbons

Researchers have developed a method of “wiring up” graphene nanoribbons (GNRs), a class of one-dimensional materials that are of interest in the scaling of microelectronic devices. The study was led by electrical and computer engineering professor Joseph W Lyding, along with ECE graduate student Pin-Chiao Huang and materials science and engineering graduate student Hongye Sun.

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News | September 21, 2023


SEE: Unleashing the invisible world of wireless signals
SEE: Unleashing the invisible world of wireless signals

Emerging applications such as smart cities, autonomous vehicles, or smart metaverse all rely on embedded systems that are engaging with the physical environment through sensors. Recent advances in wireless technologies present new promising possibilities to harness the wireless infrastructure in and around buildings and cities to act as a non-intrusive sensing platform. 

SEE: Finding Gas Pump Skimmers Using Mobile Phones
SEE: Finding Gas Pump Skimmers Using Mobile Phones

Card skimmers are small devices that can fit on top of real card readers at self-service terminals such as gas pumps or ATMs. They easily blend in with the machine, making them hard to spot. Associate Professor Kirill Levchenko and graduate student Maxwell Bland are part of a team of computer scientists who developed an app enabling state and federal inspectors to detect card skimmers installed in gas pumps or ATMs.

SEE: New directions in computer chip design
SEE: New directions in computer chip design

In this lecture, we'll talk about some chips our lab has developed that are built on plastic – they can roll, they can bend, and they may cost less than a penny. We are using these chips to enable new applications and hit new benchmarks in cost, performance, and energy efficiency.

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