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Illinois ECE Building Revamps Learning Spaces for In-Person Classes

Illinois ECE is devoted to protecting the health of students, faculty, and staff while also ensuring that students are receiving the resources that they need to learn and succeed.

Illinois ECE Transforms Building for Face Shield Production During Shutdown

The Illinois ECE Machine Shop, typically used to make anything Illinois ECE students or faculty cannot buy, was used to cut the large plastic sheets that start the face shield formation. The students’ Open Lab was used to laser cut the face shield plastic to exact specifications.

RapidAlarm: Hearing aid algorithm is secret ingredient in low-cost emergency ventilator monitoring system

Illinois ECE researchers developed the Illinois RapidAlarm, a new open-source sensor and alarm system that makes emergency ventilators more useful during the COVID-19 pandemic through low-cost, widely-available parts for quick and inexpensive production.

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Campus Updates

All University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign visits have been suspended indefinitely in response to proactive policies instituted by our university to protect the health and welfare of all participants and attendees amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Why ECE at Illinois?

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Illinois offers a world-class education that allows students to master the fundamentals that will make them outstanding engineers. Learn more about what sets us apart, and how you might fit in our program.

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Light and Sound: Integrating Photonics with Ultrasonics

Zoom: 4:00 PM

Illuminating My Career - From Flash Gordon to Laser Surgery 4:00 PM

ECE Explorations (200): Is Grad School Right For You?

ECEB 1002, Grainger Auditorium 5:00 PM

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Stats & Rankings

Illinois ECE is consistently ranked among the top engineering programs in the world, with a reputation for excellence in education and research.

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In small moments and in vast labs, genius happens here every day at Illinois ECE — thanks in no small part to all those who give generously to support our students and faculty. From big discoveries in nanotechnology to major advances in the expansive global networks that connect us, our innovations are more than the result of their vision. They’re the return on your investment. And a gift we share with the world.

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Research Centers & Groups

These incubators provide superior research capabilities in the fundamental engineering sciences and in collaboration with industrial and governmental laboratories.

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