ECE Reservation Policy

ECE Building facilities use policy and guidelines

Because of the educational, research, and outreach mission of Illinois ECE, the following are special conditions regarding use of space in the ECE Building (in order of priority):

  1. Instruction and delivery of the ECE curriculum.
  2. Approved extracurricular activities and events that benefit the ECE student body, including Corporate Connections events.
  3. Groups conducting research in the ECE Building whose events are related to their research activities.
  4. ECE Faculty Groups housed in interdisciplinary research units whose events are related to their research activities.
  5. College of Engineering administration events.
  6. Other College of Engineering units’ student or research activities
  7. Central and campus administrative units holding events important to the campus as a whole.
  8. Off-campus organizations whose activities are directly related to ECE’s teaching, research, and outreach mission.

Use of ECE Building may be accorded to organizations other than those mentioned above, within or outside the university, when such use does not interfere with other planned activities, and when the best interests of the university would appear to be served. The special conditions regarding use of space in the ECE Building are listed in Campus Administrative Manual Section VIII-1 which covers the limitations on admission fees, contributions, and use of university facilities for private gain.

The ECE Facilities Use Committee reviews all requests each Friday.  The committee’s decisions are final.

Facilities fees will be assessed for all non-instructional room uses. See the rate table below for more information.

Extra charges for labor will be incurred when an excessive amount of cleaning is required to return the areas used to adequate condition for continued use.

Those in charge of events are responsible both for the safety of attendees and for the maintenance of the room’s original condition.

Access before or after open building Hours

The ECE Building is open from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays, campus holidays excepted. Access before or after normal building operating hours must be arranged with our Facilities Group by calling (217) 333-4905, or by emailing us. Current students can login to My.ECE to view the schedule of room access.

Flier & Poster Guidelines

The department has multiple ways for University-affiliated groups to advertise their events and other relevant opportunities.

  1. Digital Displays: There are displays around the building that cycle through submitted advertisements. Using your NetID, users can submit fliers for consideration via My.ECE. Your submission will be reviewed by our communications staff and, if approved, added to the rotation.
  2. Bulletin Boards: There are physical bulletin boards located on each floor (1st floor - South hallway near restrooms, 2nd floor - North and South hallways, 3rd floor - North and South hallways, 4th floor - North hallway, 5th floor - North hallway) for printed fliers. Please use provided pushpins (no staples!). Boards will be cleared regularly.

Additionally, please be aware of the following:

  • Do not tape or affix printed fliers on any building surface other than the bulletin boards. They will be removed.
  • Do not insert printed fliers in the sign stands located on the 1st floor without prior approval from our Office of Advancement. The stands are reserved for advertising ECE-sponsored events only.

Damage to property

All groups and individuals using the ECE Building’s facilities are responsible for any and all damages they might cause.

Extra charges for labor will be incurred when an excessive amount of cleaning is required to return the areas used to a condition adequate for continued use. The use of tape, glue, thumbtacks, adhesives, or other items on the walls, ceilings, frames, columns, staging, or other areas is forbidden. Suspending materials from the ceilings and light fixturesis also prohibited, as are decorations, displays, or exhibits that require flame or water. Pictures are not to be removed from walls, nor is furniture or other equipment to be moved without prior permission.

The ECE Building assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of any materials or equipment left in the building, on display, or in storage. Those in charge of events are responsible both for the safety of attendees and for the maintenance of the room’s original condition.


The sale and serving of alcoholic beverages on campus property is regulated by state law, the Board of Trustees' Guidelines (October 15, 1987), and campus policy. You can request approval to sell or serve alcohol using this form.

Alcohol sale or service will not be permitted for student events in the ECE Building. Event organizers must obtain prior approval in writing of the event through campus procedures and provide a copy of the approval to the Facilities Group two weeks before the event.   

If approved, alcohol must be served by a campus facility that has a liquor license or by an off-campus caterer that has the appropriate liquor license and insurance for such activities. Please see the list of approved caterers in the section below.

Catering or food and beverage service

The unit reserving the space must make all arrangements for catering using a university or approved commercial catering vendor. The Facilities Group needs to be informed of all planned food and beverage service activities. Illinois ECE staff reserve the right to deny access to those caterers who do not comply with campus and ECE Building access protocols. For additional information on catering, please contact the Facilities Group by calling (217) 333-4905, or by emailing us.

ECE’s Daily Byte Cafe can provide limited food service for events in the ECE Building, such as continental breakfasts, snacks, and drinks for seminars and other meetings. The cafe does not offer wait service. To make arrangements for catering, contact Manager Jane Norder for information about menus and services.

The sponsoring unit is responsible for cleaning the food service and consumption area and for removing all litter from public spaces. When boxed lunches will be served, the event organizer must arrange for additional trash bins. Trash bins must be moved to the designated location in the first-floor service hallway.


Arrangements for seminar equipment, including tables, chairs, audio-visual aids, and networking, should be made at the time of request or well before the date of event. Please make requests as specific as possible. The equipment maintained and offered by the ECE Building may vary by room type, but generally consists of basic audiovisual equipment, including video projectors, flat panel displays, white boards, and a podium. Please note that extension cords need to be provided by caterer, event coordinator, or purchased through the ECE Supply Center.

Internet access

The ECE Building is experiencing spotty Wi-Fi coverage and cellular service. For presentations, it is highly recommended that the users do not rely on Wi-Fi for connection.

Internet connections are available in most rooms for university users. Access for non-university users can be obtained through Guest Services through Technology Services at Illinois. The unit organizing the event is responsible for making guest service arrangements. 

Outdoor spaces

Reservations for spaces surrounding the ECE Building are arranged through Facility Management and Scheduling

Cooking/grilling and vehicles are not permitted on the brick oval at the east entrance. 

Event parking

Parking is available at metered spaces on the Beckman Institute’s east driveway, across the street in University Lot B-4, and additional meters on Wright Street and other surrounding streets. Event organizers of large or evening events should make arrangements for parking in advance by contacting Campus Parking at (217) 333-3530. Unauthorized cars parked in 24-hour departmental spaces or in the ECE Building’s loading dock will be ticketed or towed.

Premium space availability and rates

All companies that wish to use the ECE Building for activities must partner with an ECE student group that provides special hosting and marketing services. Please contact Illinois ECE Corporate Relations for help planning your corporate event.

For all other user groups, the basic room rates apply. Please reach out via email to for the most current rates.  Additional charges apply for audiovisual equipment, alternate furniture arrangements, weekend events, events outside normal business hours, and other special accommodations. 

Reserve space in the ECE Building



Space Basic Rate Photo

The Grainger Auditorium, Room 1002: This room seats 400 and is an excellent place to host major lectures and colloquia. It may also serve as the site of plenary sessions of conferences and workshops. No food or beverages are allowed in this room. Rate includes audiovisual support personnel and a pre-event private session for audiovisual setup.

Contact for rate information.

Building Lobby: Used for public events only.  Limited availability during the academic year. 

Contact for rate information.

Lobby: Poster Sessions.

Contact for rate information.

Low Classrooms, Rooms 1013, 1015: These auditoriums seat 115 each and are perfect for moderately sized lectures and colloquia. No food or beverages are allowed in this room.

Contact for rate information.

Bahl Meeting Room, Room 3002: This space is also used for classes and can be available for meetings, workshops, and seminars.

Contact for rate information.

Alumni Board Conference Room, Room 5070: This space can be used for meetings and small seminars, with less than 30 people attending, ECE departmental meetings excepted.

Contact for rate information.

Distance Learning Room 3081: No food or beverages are allowed in this room. Rate includes AV technician. Web and video capture not included.

Contact for rate information.

Other classrooms: Vary in size and features. Priority given for instructional activities. Reservations are available five weeks in advance.  

Contact for rate information.