The Medical Scholars Program

The ECE Department participates in the Medical Scholars Program that allows students to pursue the M.D. and the PhD degrees simultaneously. Students apply to the Medical Scholars Program that refers the application to the Department. A separate application for admission to the College of Medicine is also required. The applicant must be acceptable to the Department and to the College of Medicine. A maximum of sixteen hours of courses in the College of Medicine can be applied toward the requirements of the PhD degree. The student typically begins by enrolling for two years in the PhD program during which time the first two stages of the PhD program are completed. Enrollment during the third and fourth years is in the College of Medicine, where the candidate completes the M-1 and M-2 curricula for the M.D. degree and also continues with the research work required for the PhD thesis. In the fifth year, the candidate returns to full-time PhD research and defends the PhD thesis before completing the M-3 and M-4 curricula (the core and elective clerkships for the M.D. degree).

Further information is available directly from the Medical Scholars Program.

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