The ECE Master of Engineering Online Program

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering's Master of Engineering Online (M.Eng) degree is a self-supporting, professional degree that will prepare students to work in industry. This degree prepares students for a wide variety of careers in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

An orientation program is offered at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters to introduce incoming graduate students to the ECE Department and its faculty, the operation of the ECE Graduate Program, and the departmental research laboratories and facilities. All incoming graduate students, new students to the University and prior graduates of the University of Illinois, are strongly urged to attend this program. A video of this orientation will be made available to incoming M.Eng Online students.

Incoming students should read relevant portions of this manual regarding M.Eng online degree requirements and prepare a tentative plan for the courses in which they plan to enroll while pursuing the M.Eng online degree, using the Plan of Study Worksheet. Before enrolling for classes at the university, students should register for those classes relevant to their interests through the Enterprise system. Enrollment modifications can be made online, through the Enterprise system, in the first ten business days of the start of classes. After this period, approval of the Academic Advisor is needed to add classes, but students can continue to drop classes without approval.

Within the first ten business days of the start of classes students should make an appointment to review the Plan of Study Worksheet with the Academic Advisor. The advisor will keep an updated, electronic copy on file in the student’s record. Students are expected to make advising appointments once a semester to modify the Plan of Study Worksheet as necessary.