Electrical and computer engineering transforms our day-to-day lives through a multitude of innovative technologies and products. The ECE minor is intended to expose students from other disciplines to the unlimited opportunities for innovation in this exciting field, and to the methodologies and tools used by electrical and computer engineers for the exploration and design of new technologies and products. The minor is open to undergraduates outside the ECE Department. Computer Science and CS+X majors cannot elect the Computer Engineering Option within the minor.

Note that any differences between the below requirements and the Academic Catalog are pending review and require an ECE advisor to submit a Minor Modification form. Contact ece-advisor@illinois.edu for any questions or to initiate the form submission.

3-4 Circuits Requirement:
Select one of the following:
ECE 110—Intro Electronics, or
ECE 205—Elec & Electronic Circuits
3-4 Programming Requirement:
Select one of the following:
CS 101—Intro Computing: Engrg & Sci, or
CS 124— Intro to Computer Science (or CS 125 for students with credit by Fall 2021), or
ECE 220 — Computer Systems & Programming
3-4 A Probability or Statistics course chosen from an approved list. 1

A. Electrical Engineering Option

  • Core Requirement: ECE 210—Analog Signal Processing 3
  • Advanced Core Electives: Two ECE courses chosen from an approved list. 4
B. Computer Engineering Option
  • Core Requirement: ECE 120—Introduction to Computing
    ECE 220 -- Computer Systems & Programming
  • Advanced Core Electives: One ECE course chosen from an approved list. 5

Elective ECE courses to achieve a minimum of 18 hours of ECE course work. 6

At least 6 hours of advanced course credit must be earned distinct from credit earned for your major or another minor.

21-24 Total Hours


1 CS/STAT 361 or ECE 313 or IE 300 or BIOE 310 or MATH 461 or MATH 463/STAT 400 or CEE 202

2 To complete the minor, both the Core and Advanced Core courses from Option “A” or “B,” must be completed.

3 Can be replaced by ECE 329 by students with credit in BIOE 205 or ME 340+360 — in that case ECE 329, also an Advanced Core Elective, will substitute for ECE 210 in prerequisites of higher level courses. ECE 329 can be taken concurrently with ME 360.

4 Advanced Core Electives (EE): ECE 310, ECE 329, ECE 330, ECE 340, ECE 342+343, or 400 level ECE hardware labs listed at https://ece.illinois.edu/academics/ugrad/curriculum/tech-electives-06 

5 Advanced Core Electives (CE): ECE 385, ECE 391, ECE 411

6 Completion of the minor requires a minimum of 18 hours ECE course work.  No additional hours are needed in this category if all courses taken to satisfy the previous requirements are ECE courses. Otherwise chose from any 300 and 400 level classes except ECE 316, 317, 396, 397, 496, 499.

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