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Teaching Awards

Ronald W. Pratt Outstanding Teaching Award for Faculty

Faculty are nominated for the Pratt award by current and former students. The department then collects letters of recommendation from other ECE professors and colleagues, as well as from former students who have since moved on to graduate work or careers in industry.

Year Faculty
2020 Yuting Wu Chen
2019 Arijit Banerjee
2018 Pierre Moulin
2017 Robert Pilawa-Podgurski
2016 Bruce Hajek
2015 Rakesh Kumar
2013 Erhan Kudeki
2012 Lynford L Goddard
2011 Jennifer Truman Bernhard
2010 Tangul Basar
2009 Jonathan J Makela
2007 Bruce Hajek
2006 Douglas L Jones
2004 Kyekyoon Kim
2003 Christoforos Nikos Hadjicostis
2002 Wen-mei Hwu
2001 Andreas C Cangellaris
2000 James Gary Eden
1999 Gregory Stillman, Farid Najm
1998 David C. Munson, Jr.
1997 Ricardo B. Uribe

George Anner Excellence in Undergrad Teaching Award

The award honors the legacy of Professor George Anner by recognizing outstanding Illinois ECE faculty members who are following in his footsteps by mentoring, teaching, and inspiring a new generation of students. The George Anner Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award was made possible through the financial support of alumnus Gerald T. Marcyk (BSEE '73, MS '76, PhD '78).

Year Faculty
2020 Brian T Cunningham
2019 Chandrasekhar Radhakrishnan
2018 Erhan Kudeki
2017 Dane Joseph Sievers
2016 David Varodayan

Harold L. Olesen Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching by Graduate Students

The award is made each semester to a graduate student or students teaching in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering to recognize an outstanding effort in undergraduate teaching.

Year Recipient
2019 Mihir Vishwanath Iyer, Michael Jame Silkaitis, Yamuna Dilip Phal, Shivang, Umur Darbaz, Corey Ethan Snyder, Lonna Edwards
2018 Dario Aranguiz, Benjamin Eng, Byung Hoon Min, Sakshi Srivastava, Elias Wilken-Resman
2017 Sara Bahramianparchekoohi, Jacob Bryan, Matt Peretic, Michael Wei
2016 Xu Chen, William Goldshlag, Peter Kairouz
2014 Leslie Hwang, Brian Harding
2013 Yun Han, Jerry Yang
2012 Nathan Jack, Michael Jo
2011 Daniel Manjarres, Luke Pfister, Michael Rogers
2010 Patrick Goh, Pablo Reyes
2009 Nady Obeid, Alan Gostin, Bryce Lobdell
2008 Shaun Armstrong, Chad Carlson
2007 Idan Lupinsky, Geoffrey Herman
2006 Uttam Reddy, Alex Spektor, Marco Amrhein
2005 John King, Joe Meier
2004 Andrea Mitofsky, Jonathan Holm
2003 Andrew Ranck, Kyle Jones
2002 Eric Dunn, Bradley Griffis
2001 Jeffrey Feng, Julio Urbina
2000 James Geis, Jiunn Benjamin Heng
1999 Karen Coperich, Andrew Smolik, Peter Leven
1998 Jacob Janovetz, Jay Moorman, Shashi Jain, Mika Palac
1997 Shamik Mukherjee, Kevin Squire, Mike Tompkins
1996 Adam Miller, Michael Kramer
1995 Eric Meidel, Dan Scherrer, Daniel Connors, Rajeev Goel
1994 John Belmonte, Jay Kruse, Byron Truax
1993 Tony Curtis, Michael Hartig, Hem Satsangi
1992 Dane Dwyer, Kevin Lee, Rob Spence
1991 Allen Hanson, Tim Peck, Jeff Schiano

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