ECE Seminars

At Illinois ECE, we offer seminars for everyone: undergraduates, graduate students, and even members of the community who are interested in engineering.

ECE Explorations

Attend ECE Explorations for an opportunity to learn about prominent research, emerging technology, and different electrical and computer engineering careers. Explorations is open to anyone. 

ECE Colloquium

ECE Colloquium is intended to provide an opportunity for graduate students to broaden their perspectives on topics of current interest that may be outside their own research areas. 

All graduate students must enroll in the seminar and attend at least three talks every semester. The ECE Colloquium Committee plans this series. Members identify and invite speakers to give presentations on topics spanning the entire spectrum of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Saturday Engineering for Everyone

This lecture series make engineering accessible for everyone. Speakers will show off amazing demonstrations, and explain how different engineering concepts affect the world. See the full schedule for more information and videos from past speakers.