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Instructional Labs

Instructional lab coordinator: Casey Smith

Laboratories Contact Room
Computer Systems Lab Steven Lumetta 3026 ECE Building
Controls Lab I Daniel Block 3077 ECE Building
Controls Lab II Daniel Block 3075 ECE Building
Controls Lab III Daniel Block 3073 ECE Building
Design Lab Annex and Power Projects Lab Philip Krein 4022 ECE Building
Digital Signals Lab Stephen Levinson 5072 ECE Building
Electronic Circuits Lab Chandrasekhar Radhakrishnan 4074 ECE Building
Electronic Music Lab Lippold Haken 3024 ECE Building
Electronic Systems Lab Erhan Kudeki 4072 ECE Building
EM Playground Erhan Kudeki 3014 ECE Building
Engineering Workstation Lab EWS Support 2022 ECE Building
Grainger Electrical Machinery Lab Philip Krein 4024 ECE Building
Integrated Circuits Fabrication Dane Sievers 50M Everitt Lab
Linux Workstation Lab EWS Support 3022 ECE Building
Microwave Communications Lab Jose Schutt-Aine 5076 ECE Building
Nanofabrication Lab Dane Sievers 1003 ECE Building
Open Lab Casey Smith 2026 ECE Building
Optical Communications Peter Dragic 5074 ECE Building
Optics Lab Gabriel Popescu 3016 ECE Building
RF Systems Lab Jonathan Makela 5080 ECE Building
Robotics Lab Daniel Block 3071 ECE Building
Srivastava Senior Design Lab Suite: Advanced Digital Systems Lab Lippold Haken 2076 ECE Building
Srivastava Senior Design Lab Suite: Senior Design Lab Paul Carney 2070 ECE Building
Texas Instruments Electronics Design Lab Christopher Schmitz 1001 ECE Building
Windows Workstations Lab EWS Support 3020 ECE Building