Social Sciences, Humanities, and Gen Ed Requirements

12 Hrs of Social Sciences and Humanities:

All ECE students need to take 18 hrs of Social Sciences and Humanities courses distributed as:

These 12 hours can also be used to satisfy the additional Campus Gen Ed Requirements described next (see Helpful Hints below).

Additional Gen Ed Requirements:

  • 1 Advanced Composition course
  • Cultural Studies:
  • Language:
    • Three years of a single foreign language studied in high school will meet this requirement.
    • Alternatively, you need to take a third-semester level foreign language course in college.
      • College language courses may be counted for Liberal Arts Electives.
      • Go to 206 Engr. Hall to have your language credit verified.

Gen Ed courses (including Campus SS and Humanities) MUST be taken for a letter grade.

Helpful hints:

  • Make your electives count twice (or even three times!) Example: History 140 counts as Campus Humanities, other SSH, Western Culture, and Advanced Composition --- see example checklists.
  • If you think you should have Gen Ed credit and don't, see the Deans in 206 Engineering Hall.
  • Many Illinois community colleges have courses that will satisfy Campus Gen Ed credit.

The remaining elements of Campus Gen Ed Requirements are fulfilled in ECE as follows:

  • Composition I: Rhet 105 (alternatively Rhet 101+2; Com111+112; ESL 111+112; ESL 115) --- this is a required course in the freshman year. See .
  • Natural Sciences and Technology and Quantitative Reasoning: Your required technical courses meet these requirements many times over.