Bayram and Feng awarded Defense University Research Instrumentation Program grants


The Grainger College of Engineering

Can Bayram
Can Bayram

The Department of Defense has awarded Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) grants to six University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign professors - two of whom are Illinois ECE faculty members. Illinois ECE Associate Professor Can Bayram and Research Professor Milton Feng, Nick Holonyak, Jr., Endowed Chair Emeritus in Electrical and Computer Engineering, were among the recipients of the grants. The grants were made to 85 institutions for 2021.

Bayram was recognized for "High-voltage Characterization on Next Generation Power Electronics" from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Feng was recognized for "High-speed Four-level Pulse Amplitude Modulation and Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Complex Waveform Modulation" from the Army Research Office.

UIUC earned more grants than all but one institution nationwide. The college's grants totaled about $1.75 million.

"DURIP awards help maintain the cutting-edge capabilities of our universities and provide research infrastructure to enable the most creative scientific minds in the country to extend the boundaries of science and technology," said Bindu Nair, director, Basic Research Office, Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering. "The awards will facilitate scientific advances that will drive unparalleled military capabilities for our country and help train our future STEM workforce."

Milton Feng
Milton Feng

DURIP supports the purchase of major research equipment to boost the “United States' technological edge, while ensuring that our future science, technology, engineering, and mathematics workforce remains second to none," according to the Defense Department.

"Our faculty perform so consistently well in these major research award competitions, and the support they generate is central to our success and its broad leadership across all fields," said Professor Harley Johnson, associate dean for research in The Grainger College of Engineering at UIUC. "These wins enable great things for both our research enterprise and our graduate and undergraduate students who are able to learn and develop skills in a top-flight research environment."

Bayram is affiliated with the HMNTL. Feng is affiliated with the CSL and HMNTL. 

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