ECE 499 - Senior Thesis

Semesters Offered

Senior ThesisECE499&BH18230IND -    Bruce Hajek
Senior ThesisECE499&BJ18014IND -     Jennifer Bernhard
Senior ThesisECE499&DR18186IND -    David N Ruzic
Senior ThesisECE499&EK18016IND -    Erhan Kudeki
Senior ThesisECE499&ER18112IND -    Elyse Rosenbaum
Senior ThesisECE499&GG18376IND -    George Gross
Senior ThesisECE499&JE18150IND -    J. Gary Eden
Senior ThesisECE499&JJ18293IND -    Jianming Jin
Senior ThesisECE499&JL18243IND -    Joseph W Lyding
Senior ThesisECE499&KK18009IND -    Kyekyoon Kim
Senior ThesisECE499&LH18283IND -    Lippold Haken
Senior ThesisECE499&ML18386IND -    Michael C Loui
Senior ThesisECE499&MX18013IND -    Milton Feng
Senior ThesisECE499&NA18147IND -    Narendra Ahuja
Senior ThesisECE499&NH18236IND -    Nick Holonyak, Jr
Senior ThesisECE499&NS18176IND -    Naresh R Shanbhag
Senior ThesisECE499&PL18253IND -    Jean-Pierre Leburton
Senior ThesisECE499&PM18060IND -    Pierre Moulin
Senior ThesisECE499&PT18159IND -    Philip T Krein
Senior ThesisECE499&RC18259IND -    Roy H Campbell
Senior ThesisECE499&RI18370IND -    Ravishankar K Iyer
Senior ThesisECE499&RK18348IND -    P R Kumar
Senior ThesisECE499&SF18251IND -    Steven J Franke
Senior ThesisECE499&SG18311IND -    Gary R Swenson
Senior ThesisECE499&SH18183IND -     Seth Hutchinson
Senior ThesisECE499&SJ17955IND -    Jose E Schutt-Aine
Senior ThesisECE499&TB17996IND -    Tamer Başar
Senior ThesisECE499&TH18355IND -    Thomas S Huang
Senior ThesisECE499&TJ18395IND -    Josep Torrellas
Senior ThesisECE499&TO18312IND -    Thomas J Overbye
Senior ThesisECE499&UR18354IND -    Umberto Ravaioli
Senior ThesisECE499&WC17971IND -    Weng Cho Chew
Senior ThesisECE499&WH18306IND -    William H Sanders
Senior ThesisECE499&WM18385IND -    Wen-mei Hwu
Senior ThesisECE499&WO18240IND -    William D O'Brien, Jr.
Senior ThesisECE499&WS18345IND -    Peter W Sauer
Senior ThesisECE499&YB18381IND -    Yoram Bresler
Senior ThesisECE499&ZL18170IND -    Zhi-Pei Liang
Senior ThesisECE499010018IND -    
Senior ThesisECE49900K18360IND -    Sanmi Koyejo
Senior ThesisECE499AB70592IND -    Arijit Banerjee
Senior ThesisECE499ADG18394IND -    Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia
Senior ThesisECE499AGS18118IND -     Alexander Schwing
Senior ThesisECE499ALV18263IND -    Juan Alvarez
Senior ThesisECE499AM18162IND -    Andrew Miller
Senior ThesisECE499AS18237IND -    Andrew Singer
Senior ThesisECE499BRJ18361IND -    Robert J Brunner
Senior ThesisECE499BS18273IND -    Stephen Allen Boppart
Senior ThesisECE499BTC18341IND -    Brian T Cunningham
Senior ThesisECE499CB18128IND -    Can Bayram
Senior ThesisECE499CK18351IND -    Kent D Choquette
Senior ThesisECE499CR18122IND -    Chandrasekhar Radhakrishnan
Senior ThesisECE499DC18226IND -    Deming Chen
Senior ThesisECE499DF18383IND -    David Alexander Forsyth
Senior ThesisECE499DH18064IND -    Derek W Hoiem
Senior ThesisECE499DR18327IND -    Dan Roth
Senior ThesisECE499DW18136IND -    Daniel M Wasserman
Senior ThesisECE499GAO18324IND -    Liang Gao
Senior ThesisECE499GD18003IND -    Geir E Dullerud
Senior ThesisECE499GLL18356IND -    Gang Logan Liu
Senior ThesisECE499GP18200IND -    Gabriel Popescu
Senior ThesisECE499HAH18371IND -    Haitham Al-Hassanieh
Senior ThesisECE499HZ18203IND -    Hao Zhu
Senior ThesisECE499IG18223IND -    Indranil Gupta
Senior ThesisECE499IOA18358IND -    Idoia Ochoa
Senior ThesisECE499IR18392IND -    Raluca Ilie
Senior ThesisECE499JBA18280IND -    Jont Allen
Senior ThesisECE499JD18337IND -    John Michael Dallesasse
Senior ThesisECE499JJM18190IND -    Jonathan J Makela
Senior ThesisECE499JYB18368IND -    Yuliy Baryshnikov
Senior ThesisECE499JZ70587IND -    Jin Zhou
Senior ThesisECE499KF17962IND -    Farzad Kamalabadi
Senior ThesisECE499KH18373IND -    Kiruba Sivasubramaniam Haran
Senior ThesisECE499LD17965IND -    Daniel M Liberzon
Senior ThesisECE499LG18172IND -    Lynford L Goddard
Senior ThesisECE499LL18139IND -    Minjoo Lawrence Lee
Senior ThesisECE499LRS61053IND2 -     Lui Sha
Senior ThesisECE499LS17973IND -    Stephen E Levinson
Senior ThesisECE499LV18316IND -    Lav R Varshney
Senior ThesisECE499LW18247IND -    Lara Waldrop
Senior ThesisECE499LY18399IND -    Yi Lu
Senior ThesisECE499MAB17960IND -    Mohamed Ali Belabbas
Senior ThesisECE499MB18268IND -     Michael Bailey
Senior ThesisECE499MC71320IND -    
Senior ThesisECE499MD18277IND -    Minh N Do
Senior ThesisECE499MDW18233IND -    Martin D F Wong
Senior ThesisECE499MG18365IND -    Matthew Gilbert
Senior ThesisECE499MHJ18357IND -     Mark Hasegawa-Johnson
Senior ThesisECE499MLO18194IND -    Michael L Oelze
Senior ThesisECE499MR18153IND -    Maxim Raginsky
Senior ThesisECE499NB18248IND -    Nikita Borisov
Senior ThesisECE499ND41549IND -     David M. Nicol
Senior ThesisECE499NSK18352IND -    Nam Sung Kim
Senior ThesisECE499NV17967IND -    Nitin H Vaidya
Senior ThesisECE499OM18156IND -    Olgica Milenkovic
Senior ThesisECE499P-S17998IND -    Paris Smaragdis
Senior ThesisECE499PB18380IND -    Peter Bajcsy
Senior ThesisECE499PD18375IND -    Peter D Dragic
Senior ThesisECE499PK70693IND -    Paul G Kwiat
Senior ThesisECE499PKH18244IND -    Pavan Kumar Hanumolu
Senior ThesisECE499PMF18143IND -    Patricia M Franke
Senior ThesisECE499PV18390IND -    Pramod Viswanath
Senior ThesisECE499RAK18165IND -    Rakesh Kumar
Senior ThesisECE499RPP18287IND -    Robert Pilawa-Podgurski
Senior ThesisECE499RRC17969IND -    Romit Roy Choudhury
Senior ThesisECE499RS41557IND2 -    Rayadurgam Srikant
Senior ThesisECE499RVB18320IND -    Rashid Bashir
Senior ThesisECE499SB18344IND -    Subhonmesh Bose
Senior ThesisECE499SC18068IND -     P. Scott Carney
Senior ThesisECE499SG18134IND -    Songbin Gong
Senior ThesisECE499SJP18261IND -    Sung-Jin Park
Senior ThesisECE499SL18378IND -     Steven Lumetta
Senior ThesisECE499SM18389IND -    Sayan Mitra
Senior ThesisECE499SP18299IND -    Sanjay J. Patel
Senior ThesisECE499SV18397IND -    Shobha Vasudevan
Senior ThesisECE499TA18210IND -    Tarek Abdelzaher
Senior ThesisECE499TK71180IND -    T Kesavadas
Senior ThesisECE499TWB18056IND -    Timothy Bretl
Senior ThesisECE499VG18131IND -    Viktor Gruev
Senior ThesisECE499VK17950IND -    Volodymyr Kindratenko
Senior ThesisECE499VV18126IND -    Venugopal V. Veeravalli
Senior ThesisECE499WK18387IND -    Bill King
Senior ThesisECE499WZ17958IND -    Wenjuan Zhu
Senior ThesisECE499XG70694IND -    Grace Xingxin Gao
Senior ThesisECE499XL18363IND -    Xiuling Li
Senior ThesisECE499YCH18197IND -    Yih-Chun Hu
Senior ThesisECE499YW18179IND -    Yihong Wu
Senior ThesisECE499ZZ18401IND -    Zhizhen Zhao

Official Description

Completion of the research project begun under ECE 496. Preparation and oral presentation of a written thesis that reports the results of the project. Course Information: 2 undergraduate hours. No graduate credit. To fulfill the Advanced Composition Requirement, credit must be earned for both ECE 496 and ECE 499. Prerequisite: ECE 496 and consent of instructor.

Subject Area

Undergraduate Project, Seminar, and Thesis

Course Director


Completion of the research project begun under ECE 497. Preparation and oral presentation of a written thesis that reports the results of the project.


No graduate credit for this course.

Detailed Description and Outline

No graduate credit for this course.

Topical Prerequisites

ECE 497 and consent of instructor.

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