Ndrio and Bose win 2019 IEEE PESGM Best Conference Paper Award

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10/3/2019 2:29:05 PM

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Mariola Ndrio
Mariola Ndrio
ECE ILLINOIS graduate student Mariola Ndrio and ECE ILLINOIS Assistant Professor Subhonmesh Bose recently won one of the Best Conference Paper Awards at the 2019 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM) in Atlanta, Georgia. PESGM is the flagship conference of the IEEE Power and Energy Society.

Their paper entitled "Coordinated Transaction Scheduling in Multi-Area Power Systems with Strategic Participants" provides game-theoretic insights into markets for power transactions between the footprints of different independent system operators. The paper is a joint work with Ye Guo (Tsinghua-Berkeley-Shenzen Institute) and Lang Tong (Cornell University).

"My research group addresses algorithm and market design challenges that arise in the integration of renewable and distributed energy resources in the power grid. We leverage mathematical tools from a variety of fields such as optimization, control, economics, and game theory to understand and improve grid operations," said Bose. "Our current research focuses on risk-aware decision-making in power systems, market mechanisms to coordinate among multiple grid operators, retail energy market design, and impacts of transportation electrification."

Subhonmesh  Bose
Subhonmesh Bose
Interarea markets play a crucial role in power exchange among multiple areas in an interconnected power system. 

Understanding these markets is important in enabling a seamless power system, parts of which are governed by different entities. Their paper is part of Ndrio's ongoing PhD work with Bose to understand the impacts of strategic interaction in electricity markets.

"This award serves to validate her hard work," said Bose. "It also encourages our group to pursue more mathematical research for the analysis of grid operations and markets."

"I would like to thank Professor Peter W Sauer and Professor Tamer Başar from ECE ILLINOIS and Professor L. Tong from Cornell University for their continued guidance. I would also like to thank Power Systems Engineering Research Center for their support."


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