Naresh R. Shanbhag

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Naresh R Shanbhag
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
414 Coordinated Science Lab MC 228
1308 W. Main St.
Urbana Illinois 61801

Primary Research Area

  • Circuits

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  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota, June 1993

Teaching Statement

I teach courses in digital and analog integrated circuit design, digital signal processing, probability with engineering applications, VLSI architectures and algorithms for machine learning, communications and signal processing.

Research Statement

My research investigates the design of energy-efficient machine learning and communication systems in scaled silicon and beyond CMOS technologies. Our work innovates across systems, algorithms, architectures and integrated circuits.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Research opportunities exist for the creative, enthusiastic and hardworking undergraduate in the areas of integrated circuit design, VLSI architectures for DSP and communications, and machine learning implementations.

Research Interests

  • energy efficient systems, architectures and integrated circuits for communications, signal processing and machine learning

Research Areas

Research Topics


  • 2015 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems Best Paper Award
  • Jack Kilby Professorship, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2012
  • Low-power Design Contest Award, IEEE International Symposium on Low-Power Electronic Design (ISLPED), 2012
  • 2010 Richard A. Newton GSRC Industrial Impact Award
  • IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference's 2008 Outstanding Special-Topic Evening Award
  • IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits Best Paper Award, 2006
  • IEEE Fellow, 2006
  • 2006 International Reliability Physics Symposium paper recognized as one of the ‘Jewels of IRPS’.
  • IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems Best Paper Award, 2001
  • Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, 1999-01.
  • Xerox Faculty Research Award, 1999.
  • IEEE Leon K. Kirchmayer Prize Paper Award, 1999.
  • Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, 1997-99.
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 1996.
  • IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Darlington Prize Paper Award, 1994.

Courses Taught

  • ECE 310 - Digital Signal Processing
  • ECE 313 - Probability with Engrg Applic
  • ECE 342 - Electronic Circuits
  • ECE 482 - Digital IC Design
  • ECE 498 - Deep Learning in Hardware
  • ECE 560 - VLSI in DSP & Communication
  • ECE 590 - Grad Sem in Special Topics
  • ECE 598 - Deep Learning in Hardware
  • ECE 598 - Machine Learning in Silicon
  • MATH 362 - Probability with Engrg Applic