Hao Zhu

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Hao Zhu
Adjunct Assistant Professor
4056 ECE Building
306 North Wright Street
Urbana Illinois 61801

Primary Research Area

  • Power and Energy Systems

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  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota, 2012
  • MSc, Electrical Engineering (Minor: Math), University of Minnesota, 2009
  • BE, Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, 2006

Academic Positions

  • Assistant Professor, Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2014-present
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Information Trust Inst., University of Illinois, Aug 2012-Dec 2013

Resident Instruction

  • ECE 498HZ: Power Distribution System Analysis, Spring 2016
  • ECE 398BD: Making Sense of Big Data, Spring 2015
  • ECE 530: Analysis Techniques for Large-Scale Electrical Systems, Fall 2014-2015
  • ECE 330: Power Circuits and Electronmechanics, Spring 2013-15/17

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

I look forward to working with undergraduate students with good analytic and math background.

Research Areas

  • Adaptive signal processing
  • Dynamics and stability of power systems
  • Intelligent devices and controls for electricity grids
  • Operation and control of power systems
  • Power and Energy Systems
  • Signal detection and estimation

Chapters in Books

  • G. B. Giannakis, G. Mateos, I. D. Schizas, H. Zhu, and Q. Ling, "Decentralized Learning for Wireless Communications and Networking," in Operator Splitting and Alternating Direction Methods, co-edited by R. Glowinski, S. Osher, W. Yin, 2015 (invited).

Selected Articles in Journals

  • H.-J. Liu, W. Shi, and H. Zhu, “Decentralized Dynamic Optimization for Power Network Voltage Control,” IEEE Trans. Signal and Information Processing over Networks, 2017 (accepted)
  • K. Zhang, H. Zhu, and S. Guo, “Dependency Analysis and Improved Parameter Estimation for Dynamic Composite Load Modeling,” IEEE Trans. Power Systems, 2017 (accepted)
  • M. Kazerooni, H. Zhu, and T. J. Overbye, “Improved Modeling of Geomagnetically Induced Currents Utilizing Derivation Techniques for Substation Grounding Resistance,” IEEE Trans. Power Delivery, 2017 (accepted)
  • M. Kazerooni, H. Zhu, T. J. Overbye, and D. A. Wojtczak, “Transmission System Geomagnetically Induced Current Model Validation,” IEEE Trans. Power Systems, 2017 (accepted).
  • H. Zhu and H.-J. Liu, “Fast Local Voltage Control Under Limited Reactive Power: Optimality and Stability Analysis,” IEEE Trans. Power Systems, 2016.
  • B. A. Robbins, H. Zhu, and A. D. D. Dominguez-Garcia, "Optimal Tap Setting of Voltage Regulation Transformers in Unbalanced Distribution Systems," IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, January 2016
  • N. Tobin, H. Zhu,and L. P. Chamorro, "Spectral behavior of the turbulence-driven power fluctuations of wind turbines," Journal of Turbulence, 2015
  • H. Zhu and T. J. Overbye, "Blocking Device Placement for Mitigating the Effects of Geomagnetically Induced Currents," IEEE Trans. Power Systems, July 2015
  • H. Zhu and G. B. Giannakis, "Nonlinear Power System State Estimation using Distributed Semidefinite Programming," IEEE Journal of Special Topics in Signal Processing, December 2014
  • C. Chen, H. Zhu and J. Wang, "Effects of Phasor Measurement Uncertainty on Power Line Outage Detection," IEEE Journal of Special Topics in Signal Processing, December 2014.
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  • H. Zhu and G. B. Giannakis, “Sparse Overcomplete Representations for Efficient Identification of Power Line Outages,” IEEE Trans. Power Systems, vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 2215-2224, November 2012.
  • H. Zhu, N. Prasad, and S. Rangarajan, “Precoder Design for Physical Layer Multicasting,” IEEE Trans. Signal Processing, vol. 60, no. 11, pp. 5932 - 5947, November 2012.
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  • H. Zhu and G. B. Giannakis, “Exploiting Sparse User Activity in Multiuser Detection,” IEEE Trans. Communications, vol. 59, no. 2, pp. 454-465, February 2011.
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Research Honors

  • NSF CAREER Award (02/2017)
  • Best Paper Award (2nd place), North American Power Symp (09/2016)
  • AFRL Summer Faculty Fellowship (07/2016)
  • Siebel Energy Insistute Seed Grant Award (04/2016)
  • Best Poster Award, PSERC IAB Meeting (12/2015)

Courses Taught

  • ECE 330 - Power Ckts & Electromechanics
  • ECE 445 - Senior Design Project Lab
  • ECE 498 - Distribution System Analysis
  • ECE 530 - Large-Scale System Analysis