Pierre Martin

2020 Young Alumni Achievement Award

For delivering high-impact products and outstanding technical leadership in the software engineering industry.

Pierre Martin

Pierre Martin

PhD '10

CTO, Beacon

London, England

Pierre, CTO at Beacon, received his PhD in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Illinois in 2010. At Beacon, Pierre’s group develops a technology platform enabling businesses to operate international supply chains with improved efficiency, reliability and sustainability. In just a year after inception, the platform received direct backing and investment from the CEOs of Google, Amazon and Uber. 

Prior to Beacon, Pierre led development of new software products which reached hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide, as Head of Software Engineering for Amazon's package and freight routing services, Head of Software Engineering for Prime Video Live, and Sr product manager for Xbox cloud gaming platform. 

Pierre’s interest and specialty is in computational methods and high performance distributed computing applied to a variety of fields, such as physical and digital supply chain optimization, gaming, and semiconductor physics.

Current as of 2020.