Buser, Jack

2014 Young Alumni Achievement Award

For visionary leadership in the gaming industry.

Jack Buser

Jack Buser

BSEE í98

PlayStation Now

San Mateo, California

Jack Buser is senior director of PlayStation Now, and acts as general manager for all cloud game streaming initiatives for Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). His career spans more than 16 years in the game, online entertainment, and consumer electronics industries.

Jack has overseen several online platforms for SCEA, including PlayStation Plus, PlayStationís premium online membership, and PlayStation Home, the first free-to-play social game platform for consoles.

Prior to PlayStation, he spent nearly a decade at Dolby Laboratories, jump-starting its game market category, and driving technology wins with every major game publisher and console manufacturer. While there, he also was responsible for the deployment of next-generation technology in both the Blu-ray optical disc format, as well as many popular online movie services such as iTunes and Netflix.

Jack is also a card-carrying member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels.