Garg, Ashutosh

2013 Young Alumni Achievement Award

For his fundamental contributions to machine learning and its applications to web-scale personalized search and ranking, and for his bold entrepreneurship.

Ashutosh Garg

Ashutosh Garg

MS '00, PhD '03


Mountain View, California

Ashutosh Garg is the co-founder and CTO of BloomReach, a cloud marketing platform. Since founding BloomReach in 2009, Ashutosh has grown the company from a single product and a single client to more than 50 clients and three products, which together generate revenue for BloomReach to power its growth into a multi-billion dollar company.

After earning his MS and PhD from Illinois, Ashutosh spent four years working as a research scientist at Google. In 2009, he formed BloomReach with the vision of making the web more relevant to consumers. BloomReach’s products adapt clients’ product websites to display information relevant to customers, ultimately capable of boosting organic search traffic by 80%. Ashutosh’s enterprise helps company websites market the right products to the right people by utilizing bigdata analysis technology in innovative ways.

Ashutosh’s previous awards include the Best Thesis Award at IIT Delhi, where he earned his undergraduate degree. At Illinois he was the recipient of an IBM Research Fellowship and the 2003 Robert T. Chien Award for excellence in research. Ashutosh is a prolific author and inventor, with a book on machine learning, more than 30 papers, and over 50 patents in his name.