Goel, Manish

2011 Young Alumni Achievement Award

For his work in the development, implementation and commercialization of low power wireless communication technologies

Manish Goel

Manish Goel

MSEE 97, PHD '00

Texas Instruments, Inc.

Dallas, Texas

Manish Goel joined Texas Instruments in 2000. In 2003, he became a founding manager of VLSI Signal Processing team in Systems and Applications R&D center. He has managed this team since then and has recruited world class researchers in numerous aspects of VLSI and signal processing. Currently, this team is involved in several innovative projects in the areas of low-power VLSI, DSP architectures, digital baseband modem design, security and power management.

At TI, Manish has successfully led several critical projects, including industry’s first single-chip DVB-H/ISDB-T tuner chip, novel low-latency error correction coding for embedded nonvolatile memory, high-throughput low-density parity check decoder for wireless backhaul networks and subthreshold microwatt embedded processor chip for implantable and portable applications. He serves as the technical liaison for TI’s research interactions with the University of Illinois and Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) in the areas of architectures, system design and power electronics.

Manish holds 19 U.S. patents.