Ravi, Sreekanth

2003 Young Alumni Achievement Award

In recognition of his entrepreneurial leadership in co-founding the Internet security appliance company SonicWall, Inc., and establishing it at number one market share position worldwide.

Sreekanth Ravi

Sreekanth Ravi


SonicWALL, Inc.

Sunnyvale, California

Brothers Sreekanth and Sudhakar Ravi co-founded SonicWALL, Inc., in 1991. SonicWALL designs, develops, and manufactures comprehensive Internet security solutions that are used by companies of all sizes to both protect their networks and provide secure remote access connectivity. SonicWALL solutions provide complete protections from a wide range of network security threats, and are used across a wide variety of markets.

Under Sreekanth’s entrepreneurial leadership and Sudhakar’s technical expertise, SonicWALL, originally called Sonic System, first began building and selling Ethernet adapters for Macintosh computers. They then branched out into network management software, embedded system design, and other areas. After introduction over 30 unique products and technologies, they recognized a market for security devices for small and midsize enterprises. The company then shifted its focus into this emerging market, successfully introducing the first SonicWALL security appliances.

While Silicon Valley businesses have experienced downturns in recent years, SonicWALL has remained on a positive footing in terms of cash flow and market share. The combination of price and performance of the SonicWALL security appliances helps the company maintain a strong position in a competitive market. Networking Computing magazine listed SonicWALL as an Editor’s Choice and as one of the companies to watch in 2002. Sales in 2002 exceeded $100 million, and the company presently employs more than 350 people.

Sreekanth and Sudhakar’s generosity to charitable organizations was recognized in 2001 with a  Special Service Award from Haight-Ashbury Free Clinics, Ind.