Lee, Shung-Wu

1999 Distinguished Alumni Award

To Shung-Wu Lee in recognition of outstanding contributions to electromagnetic theory, and the Xpatch software for high-frequency electromagnetic simulation.

Shung-Wu Lee

Shung-Wu Lee

MSEE '64, PhD '66

University of Illinois

Champaign, Illinois

Shung-Wu Lee (MSEE ’64, PhD ’66), a U of I faculty member for 28 years, was recognized for his contributions to electromagnetic theory and for developing Xpatch software for high-frequency electromagnetic simulation. Widely used in the defense industry for identifying air and ground targets, Xpatch calculates radar signatures of complex objects, such as airplanes. Xpatch was the most highly acclaimed product sold by Lee’s company, DEMACO, which he founded in 1986. Located in Champaign, DEMACO was widely recognized as one of the best computational electromagnetics centers in the country, with technical expertise in electromagnetics, software development, antenna modeling and analysis, and automatic target recognition systems support. Lee sold DEMACO to Science Applications International Corp. in February 1999.