Macoicz, Edward

2013 Distinguished Alumni Award

For exemplary vision and leadership in the residential appliance industry.

Edward Macoicz

Edward Macoicz

BSEE '50

Hotpoint, General Electric

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Edward Macoicz is a former manager of design and production at Hotpoint-Milwaukee. He holds 26 patents, many of which are for practical heating components that play a key role in the production of household appliances including electric ranges and ovens, dishwashers, garbage compactors, and water heaters for real-world use in homes.

After serving in the navy in World War II, during which he repaired ship radars while stationed throughout the Pacific, Edward earned his degree in electrical engineering from Illinois. With both an electrical engineering education and experience working on radars in the war, Edward decided to turn his attention to practical inventions, so he accepted an engineering position in Chicago with Hotpoint, a division of General Electric that manufactures domestic appliances.

At Hotpoint, Edward coordinated a staff of over 25 engineers. He has presented the results of his work and experience at various technical conferences, including the 42nd Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum in Urbana in 1980.