Hang, Daniel F.

2013 Distinguished Alumni Award

For contributions to the economical and safe use of nuclear power.

Daniel F. Hang

Daniel F. Hang

BSEE '41, MSEE 49

University of Illinois

Urbana, Illinois

Daniel F. Hang is a professor emeritus in Electrical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering at Illinois. Much of his research focuses on a comparative analysis of power sources, with particular attention on nuclear energy. He has published papers, presented at conferences, and worked on committees that concentrate on performance of and safety standards for the use of nuclear energy.

After graduation from Illinois, Daniel worked as a project engineer at General Electric from 1941 until 1947, when he joined the ECE Illinois faculty. In 1962 he became one of the early faculty members of the Nuclear Engineering program at Illinois. He served as professor until 1984, when he retired and became a professor emeritus. Since then, he has continued his work on safety standards for nuclear energy, working on the American Nuclear Standards Committee since 2005 to develop standards for low-level radioactive waste storage.

Daniel is co-founder and president of HTH Associates Inc., a management consulting service company whose program is widely used by utilities to support management of nuclear reactor power plants’ nuclear fuel cycles. He is a fellow of the National Society of Professional Engineers, elected in 2006. He was honored with both the NCEES Central Zone Award and the NCEES Distinguished Service Award in 1990, as well as the ISPE Illinois Award in 1997.