Meyer, Dirk

2009 Distinguished Alumni Award

For semiconductor innovation as one of the world’s leading microprocessor design engineers and for business leadership as CEO of Advanced Micro Devices

Dirk Meyer

Dirk Meyer

MSEE, 1983; PhDEE, 1986

The University of Texas at Austin

Austin, TX

Dirk Meyer is the president and chief executive officer of AMD and also serves on the company’s board of direc­tors. Prior to being named CEO in 2008, He served as president and chief operating officer of AMD, a role in which he shared leadership and management of AMD.

From 2001 to 2006, Dirk led the company’s microproces­sor business, overseeing related R&D, manufacturing, operations, and marketing. His leadership during these five years resulted in a doubling of revenue for the microprocessor business and a substantial expansion of AMD’s global profile.

Meyer joined AMD in 1995 and led engineering for the AMD Athlon™ microprocessor. In April 1999, he was promoted to vice president of engineering. In 2001, he was named group vice president and general manager of AMD’s microprocessor business and in 2002 was named senior vice president and an executive officer of AMD.

Prior to joining AMD, Meyer spent nearly a decade at Digital Equipment Corporation, where he was co-archi­tect of the Alpha 21064 and 21264 microprocessors.

As one of the world’s leading microprocessor design innovators, Meyer was presented with the prestigious Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Maurice Wilkes Award at the 2003 International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA). Meyer is a named inven­tor on 47 patents and patent applications.

In addition to his bachelor’s degree from Illinois, Dirk earned a master’s in business administration from Boston University.