Holt, William

2007 Distinguished Alumni Award

For technical contribution to development of Intel technologies and leadership in microelectronics industry.

William M. Holt

William M. Holt


Intel Corporation

Hillsboro, OR

In his role as senior vice president and general manager of Intel Corporation’s Technology and Manufacturing Group (TMG), Bill Holt shares responsibility with Bob Baker for managing Intel’s technology development and manufacturing activities.

Bill joined Intel in 1974 as a development engineer and worked as technical contributor or manager in DRAM development until 1985. During this time he worked in product engineering, test engineering, circuit design, and CAD tool development. He was involved with Intel DRAMs from the 4K through the 1MB generations. Next, he assumed responsibility for the definition of design rules, devices, and test chips for logic technologies. Holt was the program manager for the development of Intel’s first BiCMOS process. He managed factory automation development for the 0.35 μm generation. In 1999, Bill became co-director of the Logic Technology Development organization, which is responsible for the research, definition, and development of new generations of logic technologies, advanced circuit design, advanced patterning, test technology, and process and circuit simulation tools. He was also appointed vice president in 1999. In 2003, Bill was elected corporate vice president. He has been the co-general manager of TMG since March 2005.

Bill received his master’s in electrical engineering from the University of Santa Clara in 1979.