Saltich, Jack

2001 Distinguished Alumni Award

In recognition of a distinguished 30-year career as an engineer and administrator with five US companies in the highly competitive semiconductor electronics industry

Jack L. Saltich

Jack L. Saltich

BSEE 1966, MSEE 1967

Upon receiving his MSEE from the U of I in 1967, Jack Saltich joined Motorola. During his 17- year career there, he advanced from R&D engineer to Vice President and Director of Motorola's Advanced Product R&D Laboratory. Saltich went to VLSI Technology where he served as Vice President. He moved on to Applied Micro Circuits, where he headed up its semiconductor manufacturing and development groups. After his time there, he joined AMD, where he was responsible for starting up AMD's two most advanced microprocessor fabrication facilities, one in Texas and the other in Germany. Saltich was responsible for all aspects from construction to technology transfer and production ramp-up of leading edge silicon technology. In 1999 Saltich become President, CEO, and Director for Three-Five Systems, Inc., historically the United States' largest producer of LCD displays, and a company that is currently developing leading edge microdisplay devices and technology.

Since leaving the U of I, Saltich has completed all course work toward a PhD in Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University in Tempe. He serves on the ASU Dean's Advisory Council and is a member of IEEE.