Marcyk, Gerald

2001 Distinguished Alumni Award

In recognition for contributions to microprocessor silicon technology research and develeopment

Gerald T. Marcyk

Gerald T. Marcyk

BSEE 1973, MSEE 1976, PhD 1978

After doing research on ion implantation at the Coordinated Science Laboratory for his graduate research, Gerald Marcyk joined Intel in 1978, where he continued research on ion implantation in Intel's DRAM technology development group. As a member of Intel's Logic Technology Development division, he has worked on every microprocessor technology since the introduction of the i486. He currently manages research groups in Oregon, California, and Arizona, working on silicon processing, mask making, and packaging. His research group continues to set industry performance standards for transistor performance, advanced lithography, and packaging. He is responsible for the next three generations of microprocessor development and communication technology.