Milano, Raymond

2000 Distinguished Alumni Award

In recognition of outstanding technical contributions entrepreneurship in the development of high-speed GaAs integrated circuits for optical data communications.

Raymond A. Milano

Raymond A. Milano

PhD '79

In 1979, after earning his PhD from the U of I, Raymond Milano went to work for Rockwell International’s Science Center in California. In 1984, he decided to join Vitesse Semiconductor Corp, which at the time was a small start-up company. Milano helped build the company to one that now employs over 500 people, offers an extensive line of high-speed integrated circuits, and serves customers around the world. In 1999 Milano was named vice president for analog products. During the course of his career, Milano made significant technical contributions to the Gb/s data communications world through the development of very low cost GaAs MSM / MESFET OEICs. He is currently responsible for the development and marketing of Vitesse’s product line for fiber-optic communication systems. These products have helped establish Vitesse as a full-service supplier for high-speed IC needs.