W. J. "Jerry" Sanders III - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Scholarship

Established 2008


Established in 2008 by Jerry Sanders III (BSEE ’58), co-founder and longtime CEO of Advanced Micro Devices, this award is given to top freshman applicants based on high school GPA, class rank, and SAT and ACT scores. The scholarship is given to an incoming freshman for four years.


  1. Remain in ECE
  2. Maintain 3.25 GPA

Selection Process :

All applications are reviewed for the incoming freshmen scholarships. Applicants are ranked on the College of Engineering PGPA (predicted GPA), which is a calculation based on the student's high school GPA, class ranking, and ACT/SAT scores. The number is weighted to judge math scores higher as they are more relevant to the study of engineering. The ECE department solicits (via email) further information, including an essay and a letter of reference from the top 75 applicants. The scholarship committee reviews these essays and letters in order to decide the recipients of the freshmen scholarships.


The recipient(s) will be recognized at the annual spring ECE Awards and Recognition Banquet.

Past Recipients of the Award

Year Recipients
2020-2021 Kelsey Chang, Sanjana Chunduri, Alice Getmanchuk, Michelle Zhang, Rebecca Rauschmayer
2019-2020 Kelsey Chang, Sanjana Chunduri, Alice Getmanchuk, Katrina Pang, Rebecca Rauschmayer
2018-2019 Annika Dugad
2017-2018 Annika Dugad, Jacqueline Jiang, Shreyas Mohan
2016-2017 Mary Abbott, Victoria Colthurst, Annika Dugad, Janette Folliard, Brittany Joy, Grace Wackerman
2015-2016 Mary Abbott, Marjorie Dallmann, Annika Dugad, Brittany Joy, Yue Xu
2014-2015 Mazin Bokhari, Daniel Coombs
2013-2014 Mazin Bokhari
2011-2012 Daniel Coombs
2010-2011 Hans Banerjee
2009-2010 Maryann Tung
2008-2009 Stephanie Schaffer