Eleftherios Polychronopoulos Scholarship

Established 2021

Eleftherios D. Polychronopoulos (1960 – 2011)

Eleftherios Polychronopoulos received his BSc from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Mathematics & Computer Science in 1987 and his Ph.D. from the University of Patras, Greece, in Computer Science and Computer Engineering in 2000. In 1990 he joined the High Performance Information Systems Laboratory (HPCLab) of the Computer Engineering & Informatics Department at the University of Patras as a graduate research assistant where he worked on several research projects in the area of parallel and distributed processing. Between 1997 and 2001 he was responsible for the IT management of the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department's computing and networking infrastructure. In 2002 he joined the faculty of the Computer Engineering & Informatics Department of the University of Patras, where he taught and conducted research in the areas of parallel and distributed computing, grid computing, and high performance 3D graphics. He participated in several National and European research projects, was a reviewer for ACM and IEEE conferences, and served on Program Committees of ACM and IEEE conferences. 

He also supervised numerous undergraduate and graduate theses on research topics ranging from locality enhancing methods for memory hierarchies to software models for shared memory parallel computing and high performance graphics applications. Dr. Polychronopoulos and his graduate student's research results were published at various conferences and journals. He was a proud alumnus of the University of Illinois.


Constantine Polychronopoulos (Illinois ECE Professor Emeritus) established this scholarship as a tribute to his beloved brother Eleftherios and their Hellenic heritage. The scholarship will be given to incoming freshman or rising sophomores who are majoring in Computer Engineering and can show financial need. The scholarship may be renewed for one additional year subject to eligibility and continued need. 


The recipient(s) will be recognized during an annual Student Awards Banquet. All student recipients are featured on the second floor of the ECE Building's Student Honors Wall.

Past Recipients of the Award

Year Recipients
2022-2023 Emily Chen, Cain Gonzalez
2021-2022 Emily Chen, Cain Gonzalez