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Omron Electrical Engineering Scholarship

Established 1989


Omron Electronics, Inc., set up this scholarship in the College of Engineering to help encourage outstanding students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering who have demonstrated an interest in electronics.


  1. The recipient must be a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, enrolled in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  2. The recipient must be a junior or senior majoring in Electrical Engineering with an interest in the field of electronics.
  3. The recipient must have a demonstrated scholastic excellence.
  4. Financial need should also be considered, but not as the major factor.

Selection Process:

In September the Department distributes scholarship data forms to students in the top 10% of the junior class and the top 10% of the senior class. The Scholarship Committee then reviews the scholarship data forms and identifies the students to receive the award. The award is to be renewed annually, providing the recipients continue to meet the scholarship criteria established by the College of Engineering.


The recipient(s) will be recognized at the annual spring ECE Awards and Recognition Banquet.

Past Recipients of the Award

Year Recipients
2020-2021 Arjun Gupta, Marwan Eladl, Jialiang Xu
2019-2020 Arjun Gupta, Keshav Harisrikanth, Wentao Jiang
2018-2019 Keshav Harisrikanth, Wentao Jiang
2017-2018 Yikuan Chen, Hanfei Geng
2016-2017 Adam Auten, Zikang Tong
2015-2016 Liuqing Gao, Chang Yue
2014-2015 Siddhanth Munukutla, Chang Yue
2013-2014 Dongjie Xie, Zichao Ye
2012-2013 Tej Chajed, David Goldstein
2011-2012 Samuel McCarthy, Zheming Zheng
2010-2011 Fan-Chung Hsu, Gautam Shine
2009-2010 Xichen Jiang, Vineet Nazareth
2008-2009 I-Ru Chen, David Rockwood
2007-2008 Thomas Galvin, Andrew O’Connell
2006-2007 Darryl Ma, Srivatsan Jayaraman
2005-2006 Katelyn Tobin, Suhail Barot
2004-2005 Ahmad Elayat, Theodore Ha, Kristin Jones
2003-2004 Anupama Bowonder, Saurabh Gupta
2002-2003 Ryan A. Rivera, Johnson Liu
2001-2002 Peter Albrecht, Johnson Liu
2000-2001 Michael S. Arnold, Jennifer Talmadge
1999-2000 Michael S. Arnold, Benjamin J. Brothers, Ryan M. Mokos
1998-1999 Kevin King, Dragan Petrovic
1997-1998 Jeffrey Waite, Theodore Chung
1996-1997 Andrea Mitofsky, Poojan A. Wagh
1995-1996 Kian Tek Beh, Peter H. Chou, Monish A. Shah
1994-1995 Sridhar Iyengar, Anthony Schmitz
1993-1994 Peter D. Dragic, Tuan A. Nguyen
1992-1993 Teresa Johnson, Pablo Mena
1991-1992 Mark R. Fister, James Peroulos
1990-1991 David Beckman, Daniel R. Lewis
1989-1990 Konstantin Kalafatis, Clark Miller