Robert C. MacClinchie Scholarship

Established 1985

Robert C. MacClinchie, a 1932 graduate of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Kathryn Schaeffer MacClinchie, a 1931 graduate in Education, both worked as educators during the latter parts of their careers. When asked about his career, Mr. MacClinchie said: "I think that I was fortunate to do some engineering (rural electrification), and to have had some responsibility with big organizations (the Pentagon comptroller and an embassy), and to pursue a second career in teaching (which was the most satisfying)." The MacClinchies never lost their interest in the world around them, even after they retired.

The scholarship was set up by the MacClinchies to share some of their good fortune with others. As teachers, they found great joy in sharing with young students and watching young minds grow and mature while finding their place in the world. Mr. and Mrs. MacClinchie, having no children of their own, enjoyed corresponding with the young scholars in order to keep up on current happenings in the area of electrical engineering and the interests of the young people of today. Many of the recipients continued to correspond with and visit the MacClinchies long after graduation.

Kathryn MacClinchie passed away in 1998 and Robert MacClinchie passed away in 1999. The scholarship continues in their memory.


The Robert C. MacClinchie Scholarship was set up by the MacClinchie's to support a senior in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering for his/her final year of school. The scholarship will be awarded based upon academic merit through the student's junior year and issued during the student's senior year. Consideration will also be given to the financial need of each candidate.


The recipient(s) will be recognized during an annual Student Awards Banquet. All student recipients are featured on the second floor of the ECE Building's Student Honors Wall. 

Past Recipients of the Award

Year Recipients
2023-2024 Ananya Kommalapati
2022-2023 Chloe Armstrong
2021-2022 Michelle Zhang
2020-2021 Kuilin Li
2019-2020 Noah Salk
2018-2019 Benjamin Jakob Schreiber, Dennis T Rich
2017-2018 Alex Shen
2016-2017 Nathan Beauchamp, Robert Tyler Hansen, Ryan Grady
2015-2016 Marjorie Dallmann, Yonghuan Ren
2014-2015 Samuel Buerklin, Marjorie Dallmann
2013-2014 Adam Miller, Yuting Ng
2012-2013 Aiyin Liu
2011-2012 Jeffrey Lale
2010-2011 Nathaniel Liu
2009-2010 Bogdan Buricea
2008-2009 Fan Chung Hsu
2007-2008 Kuang Xu
2006-2007 Phillip Mathews
2005-2006 Rahil Jogani
2004-2005 Tonia Shen
2003-2004 Lianhan Zhao
2002-2003 Ryan Rivera
2001-2002 Anjalie Kuma
2000-2001 Ray Liu
1999-2000 Ammar Nayfeh
1998-1999 Shane Ryoo
1997-1998 Ashish Pandya
1996-1997 Eric R. Whisler
1995-1996 Candice L. Bechem
1994-1995 Mark C. Hersam
1993-1994 Deborah Shepard
1992-1993 Prabal Chakrabarti
1991-1992 James L. Brain
1990-1991 James R. Janninck
1989-1990 George Matthew Murphy
1988-1989 Rande Johnson
1987-1988 Karim Tadros
1986-1987 Jennifer Taitt
1985-1986 Karen Lindholm
1984-1985 Walter F. Block