Brian and Sophie Leung Scholarship

Established 1994

Brian and Sophie Leung are alumni of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Brian Leung received a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and computer science in 1970 and a Master of Science in electrical engineering in 1973. Mrs. Leung majored in mathematics and received a Bachelor of Science in liberal arts and sciences in 1969. Both returned home to Hong Kong in 1973. Since then they founded their own company in property holding and garment trading. Currently, both are directors of Golden Emblem Investment Co. Ltd. And Bay Apparel Ltd. In Hong Kong. Mr. Leung is also the president of Seattle Pacific Industries, wholesale distributors of Unionbay Sportswear, in Seattle, Washington.

Besides being involved in the businesses, Mrs. Leung is also participating in community activities of various sorts. She has been appointed by the Hong Kong Government to serve on several advisery boards relating to trade and industry, hospital services, and health care reform.


The scholarship is given annually to a junior or senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign enrolled in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering with an outstanding scholastic record.


The recipients must be juniors or seniors in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering with an outstanding scholastic record.

Selection Process:

In September the Department distributes scholarship data forms to students in the top 10% of the junior class and the top 10% of the senior class. The Scholarship Committee then reviews the scholarship data forms and identifies the students to receive the award.


The recipient(s) will be recognized during an annual Student Awards Banquet. All student recipients are featured on the second floor of the ECE Building's Student Honors Wall.

Past Recipients of the Award

Year Recipients
2023-2024 Hongyu Chen, Peizhe Liu
2022-2023 Noah Conner, Jiayu Zhu, Yiming Zhao
2021-2022 Xizheng Fang, Ji Shi
2020-2021 Weiman Yan
2019-2020 Kai Chieh Chang, Ningdong Wang, Jiarui Zou
2018-2019 Yichi Zhang
2017-2018 not awarded
2016-2017 Shuchen Song, Zhichun Wan
2015-2016 Peixin Chang, Nathaniel White
2014-2015 Po-Han Huang, Alexander Kordas
2013-2014 Jie Lv, Zeqiu Wu
2012-2013 Yixiao Nie, Yujie Chen
2011-2012 Muneeb Ahmed, Hershed Tilak
2010-2011 Koon Seng Chia, Chun Ming Chin
2009-2010 Hao Wei Khor, Mingxun Wang
2008-2009 Tae Woo Kim, Yan Lin
2007-2008 Yan Lin, Jun Song
2006-2007 Alexander Kaplan, Marek Sulocha
2005-2006 Rahil Jogani, Nathaniel Kuo, Benjamin Schneider
2004-2005 Hari Kannan, Dianna Liu, Siwen Yong
2003-2004 Han-Jo Ko, Francisco Lao
2002-2003 Bright Chu, Agnes H. Lo
2001-2002 Susara Chesterfield, Nicholas McDonnell
2000-2001 Chun-wei Lam, Neel U. Sukhatme
1999-2000 Jang H. Lim, Gregory A. Muthler, Neel U. Sukhatme, Matthew J. Woodruff
1998-1999 Michael R. Drzal, George M. Gemelos
1997-1998 Hsiao-cheng Tang
1996-1997 Micah K. Peng
1995-1996 Nathan D. Holliday
1994-1995 Che-Wei Wang