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Established 2007


The Ackmann Family Scholarship was established by the Ackmann family and is awarded to a student in the top of his or her class.


The recipient  must be a junior or senior in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with an outstanding scholastic record.

Selection Process :

In September the ECE Department distributes scholarship data forms to top junior and senior high school students. The Scholarship Committee then reviews the scholarship data forms and identifies the students to receive the award.


The recipient(s) will be recognized at the annual spring ECE Awards and Recognition Banquet.

Past Recipients of the Award

Year Recipients
2018-2019 Arjun Gupta
2017-2018 Xi Chen
2016-2017 Jake Hamill, Nicholas Ratajczyk
2015-2016 Yibo Jiang
2014-2015 Bodecker DellaMaria
2013-2014 Xiangyu Chen
2012-2013 Neil Christanto
2011-2012 Se-Joon Chung
2010-2011 Dongeek Shin
2009-2010 Bryan Paul
2008-2009 Vishnu Sivaji
2007-2008 Matthew Lucas