M. Stanley Helm Award

Established 2002

M. Stanley Helm

M. Stanley Helm was born on Oct. 28, 1911, in Decatur, Ill. He started his career at the UI as an instructor in 1938 after gaining four years of experience in illumination at Illinois Power Company and motor control at Midstate Electric Company in Decatur.

In 1946, Prentice Hall published his book with Carl Skroder "Circuit Analysis by Laboratory Methods." In 1950, he received the EE Professional Degree and continued his career as a Professor of Electrical Engineering. During this time he received numerous teaching awards from the University of Illinois and the electric power industry. His research made contributions to what has now become known as "power quality".

Stan retired in 1982, but continued to be active in the American Power Conference and the IEEE Power Engineering Education Committee. He also continued as the coordinator for the Power Affiliates Program in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He served on the departmental alumni board from 1970-1995. He was recognized with the UI Loyalty Award and the 1996 Marcia Peterman ECE Award. He was a member of Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Xi, and Sigma Tau and was a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois. He died Jan. 21, 2003.


This award was established in 2002 by alumni and friends of M. Stanley Helm to recognize his many contributions through over 65 years of service (1938-2003) as a faculty member in the ECE department. This award is presented to an undergraduate that demonstrates a high level of professionalism and a strong potential for leadership in the area of electric power engineering.


The award recipient will be selected by the Power and Energy Systems Area Committee.


The recipient(s) will be recognized during an annual Student Awards Banquet. All student recipients are featured on the second floor of the ECE Building's Student Honors Wall.

Past Recipients of the Award

Year Recipients
2022-2023 Jai Anchalia, Cameron Little
2020-2021 Jiayuan Liu
Samira Tungare
2019-2020 Jacob Taylor
2018-2019 Jeffrey Weinberg
2017-2018 Felipe Fregoso
2016-2017 Carl Haken
2015-2016 Evan Richards
2014-2015 Terry Green
2013-2014 Joshua Garcia Sheridan
Alexander Lincoln
2012-2013 Philip Calderon
Andrew Neaville
2011-2012 Michael Carney
2010-2011 Xichen Jiang
2009-2010 Charles Murray
2008-2009 Kevin Toomey
2007-2008 Leonor Linares
2006-2007 Christopher Livesay
2005-2006 Dustin Kramer
2004-2005 Jeremiah Smith
2003-2004 Becky A. Westendorf
2002-2003 Jennifer K. Urbance