Dilip and Sandhya Sarwate Graduate Fellowships

Established 2017


Professor Emeritus Dilip Sarwate, a long-time member of the Illinois ECE Communications Group, and Sandhya Sarwate, MD, a pathologist retired from clinical practice in Champaign-Urbana, established these fellowships. The fellowships are offered as part of the financial aid package to encourage applicants for graduate study to join the Illinois ECE graduate program instead of accepting admission elsewhere.

The duration of these nonrenewable fellowships is one academic year, and the stipend equals the academic-year salary of a 25%-time first-year research assistant.


  • Must be the recipient of a 50%-time research assistantship offer from an Illinois ECE Communications Group faculty member. The fellowship is held in addition to the 50%-time research assistantship and is not a replacement for any part of the research assistantship.


Although these are endowed fellowships, they are handled in the same manner as the Illinois ECE entering fellowships. Applicants for admission to the Illinois ECE graduate program who satisfy the above criteria are automatically considered as part of the admissions and financial aid process.

Past Recipients of the Award

School Year Recipients
2021-2022 Milind Kumar Vaddiraju, Moulik Choraria
2020-2021 Adarsh Subramaniam
2018-2019 Sourya Basu, Vishal Rana