Linda Su-Nan Chang Sah Doctoral Fellowship

Established 2006


The fellowship was established in honor of Linda Su-Nan Chang Sah and in memory of Dorothy Wallace Everitt and William Littell Everitt, along with Mary Walker Jordan and Edward Conrad Jordan, and will provide a graduate fellowship to an outstanding female PhD candidate in electrical and computer engineering, or a related field, who is specializing in microtechnology or nanotechnology related to bioengineering, biophysics, or medical electronics. The fellowship may be renewed for two additional academic years if the recipient remains in good academic standing and is making adequate progress toward degree completion.


  • Applicants must not be graduating before May of the next calendar year.
  • Academic performance as demonstrated by (but not restricted to) coursework and grades, recommendations, and previous recognition (awards).
  • Demonstrated research interest in specializing in microtechnology or nanotechnology related to bioengineering, biophysics, bioelectronics, medical engineering, medical physics, and medical electronics.
  • Applicant must be willing to accept an appointment to teach during the tenure of the fellowship, dependent on the needs of the Department.
  • Research accomplishments, ability or potential as evidenced by publications, presentations, and letter(s) of recommendation.


  • Application cover sheet.
  • Student vita or dossier specifying previous education, work experience, research experience, publications, presentations and relevant service.
  • Transcripts or equivalent listings of undergraduate and graduate courses and grades.
  • A one page essay relating to the career goals of the applicant.
  • A letter of recommendation from faculty research adviser.

Selection Process

A call for applications is extended to faculty beginning in February each year.


The recipient(s) will be recognized during an annual Student Awards Banquet. All student recipients are featured on the second floor of the ECE Building's Student Honors Wall.

Past Recipients of the Award

School Year Recipient
2022-2023 Mingye Xiong
2021-2022 Subramanian Vaishnavi
2018-2019 Qinglan Huang
2017-2018 Qinglan Huang
2016-2017 Qinglan Huang
2015-2016 Lisa Plucinski
2015-2016 Lisa Plucinski
2014-2015 Samantha Knoll
2013-2014 Helen Hwang
2012-2013 Hannah DeBerg, Helen Hwang
2011-2012 Hannah DeBerg, Sherine George, Helen Hwang
2010-2011 Sherine George
2009-2010 Vasilica Crecea, Sherine George
2008-2009 Felice Cheng, Vasilica Crecea
2007-2008 Felice Cheng, Vasilica Crecea
2006-2007 Felice Cheng, Chiun-Lung Tsai