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Andrew T. Yang Research and Entrepreneurship Award

Established 2013

Andrew T. Yang
Andrew T. Yang

Andrew T. Yang

As a cofounder of Apache Design Solutions, Andrew T. Yang (MSEE ‘86, PhD ‘89) has distinguished himself as a leading innovator and entrepreneur in the electronic design automation industry. This award, established in 2013, will provide one or two years of funding for a graduate student and faculty member exploring a risky but highly novel research concept.

In establishing this award, Yang said he wants to inspire students to do more than just fulfill their degree requirements. The award will provide funding for an ECE graduate student fellowship to support the exploration of exceptional ideas in engineering science and technology with potential for transforming those ideas into commercial applications.


Every year, a new team of one ECE grad student and one ECE faculty member will be selected for up to two years of funding in support of their project. The goal is to help them advance toward commercial applications that will add value and wealth to the University of Illinois, the state, and the nation. The resulting intellectual property will be owned by the University of Illinois.


Teams consisting of one ECE faculty member as principal investigator (PI) and one ECE graduate student will submit a proposal for evaluation to the selection committee. Proposed research should be sufficiently dissimilar from prior research conducted by the PI. Second-year funding will depend on satisfactory progress on the project, to be judged by a committee appointed by the head of ECE ILLINOIS.

Past Recipients of the Award

Year Recipient
2020-2021 Ahmed Abdelrahman and Professor Pavan Hanumolu
John Carlson and Professor John Dallesasse
Riley Elis Vesto and Professor Kevin Kim
2019-2020 John Carlson and Professor John Dallesasse
2018-2019 Bryan Clifford with Professor Zhi-Pei Liang
Fu Sun and Professors Brian Cunningham (ECE) and Thomas Gaj (BioE)
2017-2018 Ning Xu and Professor Thomas Huang
Bryan Clifford and Professor Zhi-Pei Liang
2016-2017 Ning Xu and Professor Thomas Huang
Fredrick South and Professors Stephen Boppart and Scott Carney
2015-2016 Fredrick A. South and Professors Stephen A. Boppart and P. Scott Carney
Luke Pfister and Professors Yoram Bresler and Scott Carney
2014-2015 Luke Pfister and Professors Yoram Bresler, Scott Carney, and Rohit Bhargava
Paul Froeter and Associate Professor Xiuling Li
2013-2014 Paul Froeter and Associate Professor Xiuling Li