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Raj Mittra Outstanding Research Award

Established 1996

Raj Mittra

Raj Mittra received his BS in Physics from Agra College in 1950. In 1953 he received an MS in Radio Physics from the University of Calcutta and in 1957 he received a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto. He came to the University of Illinois as a Visiting Assistant Professor in 1957, was promoted to Associate Professor in 1961 and became a Full Professor and Associate Director of the Electromagnetics Laboratory in 1966. He became the Director of the Electromagnetic Communication Laboratory in 1984.

While at UIUC Prof. Mittra supervised the completion of 80 PhD theses and 76 MS theses. He is widely recognized as an authority in the area of Electromagnetic Communications and has spoken to professional groups around the world. In 1971 he co-authored the book "Analytical Methods in the Theory of Guided Waves" with Prof. S. W. Lee. In 1975 he published "Numerical and Asymptotic Techniques for Electromagnetics" and in 1987 he revised his book, "Computer Techniques for Electromagnetics", which was originally published in 1973.

He received the Guggenheim Fellowship in 1965, was elected a Fellow of IEEE in 1971 and IEEE Distinguished Lecturer for Europe in 1971. In 1984 he received the IEEE Centennial Medal.

Dr. Mittra retired from the University of Illinois in 1996. He is currently at Penn State University.


The Raj Mittra Outstanding Research Award has been established by students and colleagues of Raj Mittra in honor of his outstanding contributions to electromagnetic communication research while at the University of Illinois. The award is presented to a doctoral student who has demonstrated excellence in research in electromagnetics.


  1. The award recipient shall be enrolled in the PhD program of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  2. The award recipient shall have successfully passed his or her qualifying exam.
  3. The award recipient shall have demonstrated excellence in research in the area of Electromagnetics.


The online application forms will be advertised on My.ECE. A complete application should consist of the student’s resume, his/her list of publications, and 2 letters of recommendation (one from the research adviser).


All applications for the Award will be judged by the ECE Graduate Fellowship Committee based on the above criteria.

Past Recipients of the Award

Year Recipients
2019 Ruochen Lu
2018 Xu Chen
2017 Yunjia Zeng
2016 Kurt Schab
2015 Kedi Zhang
2014 Taewoo Kim
2013 Santosh Tripathi
2012 Patrick Goh
2011 Jie Bang Yan
2010 Tyrone Roach
2009 Robert Schoonover
2008 Not Given
2007 Yujia Li
2006 Gregory Huff
2005 Zheng Lou
2004 Nan-Wei Chen
2003 Ali E. Yilmaz
2002 None
2001 Jian Liu
2000 Dan Jiao
1999 Fernando Teixeira
1998 Vikran Jandhyala