ECE 598 - Special Topics in ECE

Spring 2023

Advanced Power ElectronicsECE598AS39363LEC41100 - 1220 T R  1015 Electrical & Computer Eng Bldg Andrew R Stillwell
Molecular Storage/ComputingECE598OM48568LEC41400 - 1520 T R  3013 Electrical & Computer Eng Bldg Olgica Milenkovic
Adv. Biomedical Ultrasound ImgECE598PS44041LEC41400 - 1520 T R  3017 Electrical & Computer Eng Bldg Pengfei Song
Electricity MarketsECE598SB169496LEC40930 - 1050 M W  3020 Electrical & Computer Eng Bldg Subhonmesh Bose
Wave Physics in Wireless CommECE598ZP48773LEC40930 - 1050 T R  3017 Electrical & Computer Eng Bldg Zhen Peng

Official Description

Subject offerings of new and developing areas of knowledge in electrical and computer engineering intended to augment the existing curriculum. See Class Schedule or departmental course information for topics and prerequisites. Course Information: May be repeated in the same or separate terms if topics vary.