ECE 586 DL - Hybrid Systems and Control

Fall 2018

Hybrid Systems and ControlECE586DL44092LEC41400 - 1520 T R  4070 Electrical & Computer Eng Bldg Daniel M Liberzon

Official Description

Lectures and discussions related to advanced topics and new areas of interest in decision and control theory: hybrid, sampled-data, and fault tolerant systems; control over networks; vision-based control; system estimation and identification; dynamic games. Course Information: May be repeated up to 12 hours within a term, and up to 20 hours total for the course. Credit towards a degree from multiple offerings of this course is not given if those offerings have significant overlap, as determined by the ECE department. Prerequisite: As specified each term. It is expected that each offering will have a 500-level course as prerequisite or co-requisite.

Section Description

Switched/hybrid systems are dynamical systems that combine continuous dynamics and discrete events. Such systems are of theoretical interest and important in many applications, and they have attracted considerable attention in the recent control literature. This advanced graduate-level course will introduce the students to recent research results on analysis and design of switched and hybrid systems. Prerequisite: ECE 515.

Subject Area

Control Systems