ECE 297

ECE 297 - Individual Study

Spring 2022

Individual StudyECE297050224IND1 -    
Individual StudyECE297AC56473IND1 -    Andreas C Cangellaris
Individual StudyECE297ADG56427IND1 -    Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia
Individual StudyECE297AH56513IND1 -    Aiguo Han
Individual StudyECE297AM61266IND1 -    Andrew Miller
Individual StudyECE297AM256492IND1 -    Andrey Mironov
Individual StudyECE297AS56530IND1 -    Andrew Singer
Individual StudyECE297BH56489IND1 -    Bruce Hajek
Individual StudyECE297BTC56481IND1 -    Brian T Cunningham
Individual StudyECE297BWW56537IND1 -    Benjamin W Wah
Individual StudyECE297CB64735IND1 -    Can Bayram
Individual StudyECE297CS64711IND1 -    Christopher Schmitz
Individual StudyECE297DC56475IND1 -    Deming Chen
Individual StudyECE297DML56508IND1 -    Daniel M Liberzon
Individual StudyECE297DMN56517IND1 -     David M. Nicol
Individual StudyECE297EK56501IND1 -    Erhan Kudeki
Individual StudyECE297EP56416IND1 -    Eric Pop
Individual StudyECE297ER56525IND1 -    Elyse Rosenbaum
Individual StudyECE297FK56498IND1 -    Farzad Kamalabadi
Individual StudyECE297GG56488IND1 -    George Gross
Individual StudyECE297GLL56509IND1 -    Gang Logan Liu
Individual StudyECE297GP56523IND1 -    Gabriel Popescu
Individual StudyECE297IA56463IND1 -    Ilesanmi Adesida
Individual StudyECE297JA56465IND1 -    Jont Allen
Individual StudyECE297JB54338IND1 -     Jennifer Bernhard
Individual StudyECE297JGE56483IND1 -    J. Gary Eden
Individual StudyECE297JJ56496IND1 -    Jianming Jin
Individual StudyECE297JJC56479IND1 -    James J Coleman
Individual StudyECE297JL56431IND1 -    Joseph W Lyding
Individual StudyECE297JMM63152IND1 -    Jonathan Makela
Individual StudyECE297JPL56504IND1 -    Jean-Pierre Leburton
Individual StudyECE297JSA56528IND1 -    Jose E Schutt-Aine
Individual StudyECE297KC56477IND1 -    Kent D Choquette
Individual StudyECE297KF56495IND1 -    Kejie Fang
Individual StudyECE297KH56522IND1 -    Kris K Hauser
Individual StudyECE297KK56499IND1 -    Kyekyoon Kim
Individual StudyECE297LLG56487IND1 -    Lynford L Goddard
Individual StudyECE297LW66408IND1 -    Lara Waldrop
Individual StudyECE297MB70009IND1 -     Michael Bailey
Individual StudyECE297MC54315IND1 -     Matthew Caesar
Individual StudyECE297MCB56439IND1 -    Marie-Christine Brunet
Individual StudyECE297MCC63150IND1 -    Marco Caccamo
Individual StudyECE297MD56482IND1 -    Minh N Do
Individual StudyECE297MDW56538IND1 -    Martin D F Wong
Individual StudyECE297MF56484IND1 -    Milton Feng
Individual StudyECE297MG56486IND1 -    Matthew Gilbert
Individual StudyECE297MHJ56490IND1 -     Mark Hasegawa-Johnson
Individual StudyECE297ML54312IND1 -    Michael Loui
Individual StudyECE297MLO56519IND1 -    Michael L Oelze
Individual StudyECE297MTB56466IND1 -    Tamer Basar
Individual StudyECE297NA56464IND1 -    Narendra Ahuja
Individual StudyECE297NB56471IND1 -    Nikita Borisov
Individual StudyECE297NHV56533IND1 -    Nitin H Vaidya
Individual StudyECE297NRS56529IND1 -    Naresh R Shanbhag
Individual StudyECE297OM56515IND1 -    Olgica Milenkovic
Individual StudyECE297PK56502IND1 -    Paul G Kwiat
Individual StudyECE297PM56516IND1 -    Pierre Moulin
Individual StudyECE297PS56531IND1 -    Paris Smaragdis
Individual StudyECE297PSB56474IND1 -     Suma Bhat
Individual StudyECE297PTK56500IND1 -    Philip T Krein
Individual StudyECE297PV56536IND1 -    Pramod Viswanath
Individual StudyECE297PWS56527IND1 -    Peter Sauer
Individual StudyECE297RB56468IND1 -    Rashid Bashir
Individual StudyECE297REB56469IND1 -    Richard E Blahut
Individual StudyECE297RI56497IND1 -    Raluca Ilie
Individual StudyECE297RK56503IND1 -    Rakesh Kumar
Individual StudyECE297RKI56494IND1 -    Ravishankar K Iyer
Individual StudyECE297RS56532IND1 -    Rayadurgam Srikant
Individual StudyECE297SB56470IND1 -    Stephen Boppart
Individual StudyECE297SEL56505IND1 -    Stephen E Levinson
Individual StudyECE297SJF56485IND1 -    Steven J Franke
Individual StudyECE297SJP56521IND1 -    Sanjay Patel
Individual StudyECE297SL59894IND1 -    Steven M. LaValle
Individual StudyECE297SM56446IND1 -    Sayan Mitra
Individual StudyECE297SPM56514IND1 -    Sean P Meyn
Individual StudyECE297SSL56511IND1 -     Steven Lumetta
Individual StudyECE297SSM71220IND1 -    Sibin Mohan
Individual StudyECE297SV56534IND1 -    Shobha Vasudevan
Individual StudyECE297TB56467IND1 -    Tangul Basar
Individual StudyECE297TJO56520IND1 -    Thomas J Overbye
Individual StudyECE297TPC56480IND1 -    Todd Prentice Coleman
Individual StudyECE297TWB63134IND1 -    Timothy Bretl
Individual StudyECE297UR56524IND1 -    Umberto Ravaioli
Individual StudyECE297VK64619IND1 -    Volodymyr Kindratenko
Individual StudyECE297VVV56535IND1 -    Venugopal V. Veeravalli
Individual StudyECE297WC56476IND1 -     Weng Chew
Individual StudyECE297WDO56518IND1 -    Bill O'Brien, Jr.
Individual StudyECE297WHS56526IND1 -    William H Sanders
Individual StudyECE297WMH56493IND1 -    Wen-mei Hwu
Individual StudyECE297XL56506IND1 -    Xiuling Li
Individual StudyECE297YB56472IND1 -    Yoram Bresler
Individual StudyECE297YCH56491IND1 -    Yih-Chun Hu
Individual StudyECE297YL56510IND1 -    Yi Lu
Individual StudyECE297YM56512IND1 -    Yi Ma
Individual StudyECE297YSC71143IND1 -    Yun-Sheng Chen
Individual StudyECE297YZZ71272IND1 -    Yang Zhao
Individual StudyECE297ZJU56478IND11500 - 1550 M W    Mark D Butala
Individual StudyECE297ZPL56507IND1 -    Zhi-Pei Liang

Official Description

Individual projects. Approved written application to department as specified by department or instructors is required. Course Information: Approved for both letter and S/U grading. May be repeated in separate terms to a maximum of 2 hours. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Subject Area

  • Core Curriculum

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