CS 546 - Machine Learning in NLP

Fall 2022

Adv Topics in NLPCS546ATN74740LCD41530 - 1645 W F  1404 Siebel Center for Comp Sci Heng Ji

Official Description

Advanced topics in natural language processing, ranging from general techniques such as deep learning for NLP to specific topics such as information extraction, knowledge acquisition, dialogue systems, language grounding, and natural language generation. Review of classic as well as state-of-the-art techniques and remaining challenges, and exploration of recent proposals for meeting these challenges. Intended for graduate students doing research in natural language processing. Course Information: 4 graduate hours. No professional credit. May be repeated in separate terms up to 16 hours, if topics vary. Credit towards a degree from multiple offerings of this course is not given if those offerings have significant overlap, as determined by the CS department. Prerequisite: CS 447 and CS 446 or equivalent background.

Subject Area

  • Robotics, Vision, and Artificial Intelligence