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ECE 396 - Honors Project

Summer 2020

Honors ProjectECE396&AL19775IND -    
Honors ProjectECE396&AM19895IND -    Amit Mehrotra
Honors ProjectECE396&AS19597IND -    Andrew Singer
Honors ProjectECE396&BH19581IND -    Bruce Hajek
Honors ProjectECE396&BS19718IND -    Stephen Allen Boppart
Honors ProjectECE396&BT19568IND -    Tangul Basar
Honors ProjectECE396&CG19478IND -    Chester S Gardner
Honors ProjectECE396&CK19786IND -    Kent D Choquette
Honors ProjectECE396&CS19464IND -     P. Scott Carney
Honors ProjectECE396&DB19397IND -     Donna Brown
Honors ProjectECE396&DG19402IND -    Geir E Dullerud
Honors ProjectECE396&DJ19761IND -    Douglas L Jones
Honors ProjectECE396&DR19512IND -    David N Ruzic
Honors ProjectECE396&DS19461IND -    Dilip Sarwate
Honors ProjectECE396&EK19451IND -    Erhan Kudeki
Honors ProjectECE396&ER19468IND -    Elyse Rosenbaum
Honors ProjectECE396&GD19769IND -    Gerald F DeJong, II
Honors ProjectECE396&GG19871IND -    George Gross
Honors ProjectECE396>19713IND -    Gregory L Timp
Honors ProjectECE396&HJ19793IND -     Mark Hasegawa-Johnson
Honors ProjectECE396&JE19488IND -    J. Gary Eden
Honors ProjectECE396&JJ19729IND -    Jianming Jin
Honors ProjectECE396&JL19696IND -    Joseph W Lyding
Honors ProjectECE396&JM19717IND -    Juraj V Medanic
Honors ProjectECE396&JP19794IND -    Janak H Patel
Honors ProjectECE396&JX19443IND -     Jennifer Bernhard
Honors ProjectECE396&KF19400IND -    Farzad Kamalabadi
Honors ProjectECE396&KK19440IND -    Kyekyoon Kim
Honors ProjectECE396&LD19406IND -    Daniel M Liberzon
Honors ProjectECE396&LH19724IND -    Lippold Haken
Honors ProjectECE396&LS19872IND -     Steven Lumetta
Honors ProjectECE396&MF19703IND -    
Honors ProjectECE396&ML19879IND -    Michael C Loui
Honors ProjectECE396&MP19814IND -    M A Pai
Honors ProjectECE396&MX19442IND -    Milton Feng
Honors ProjectECE396&NA19486IND -    Narendra Ahuja
Honors ProjectECE396&NR19792IND -    N Narayana Rao
Honors ProjectECE396&NS19501IND -    Naresh R Shanbhag
Honors ProjectECE396&NV19408IND -    Nitin H Vaidya
Honors ProjectECE396&PF19484IND -    Patricia M Franke
Honors ProjectECE396&PL19706IND -    Jean-Pierre Leburton
Honors ProjectECE396&PM19456IND -    Pierre Moulin
Honors ProjectECE396&PT19493IND -    Philip T Krein
Honors ProjectECE396&PV19883IND -    Pramod Viswanath
Honors ProjectECE396&RC19710IND -    Roy H Campbell
Honors ProjectECE396&RI19844IND -    Ravishankar K Iyer
Honors ProjectECE396&RK19783IND -    P R Kumar
Honors ProjectECE396&RP19766IND -    William R Perkins
Honors ProjectECE396&SF19704IND -    Steven J Franke
Honors ProjectECE396&SG19742IND -    Gary R Swenson
Honors ProjectECE396&SH19511IND -     Seth Hutchinson
Honors ProjectECE396&SJ19390IND -    Jose E Schutt-Aine
Honors ProjectECE396&SL19427IND -    Stephen E Levinson
Honors ProjectECE396&SM19417IND -    
Honors ProjectECE396&SP19735IND -    Sanjay Patel
Honors ProjectECE396&SX19802IND -    Sean P Meyn
Honors ProjectECE396&TB19430IND -    Tamer Başar
Honors ProjectECE396&TH19791IND -    Thomas S Huang
Honors ProjectECE396&TJ19889IND -    Josep Torrellas
Honors ProjectECE396&TK19434IND -    Thomas Kerkhoven
Honors ProjectECE396&TO19744IND -    Thomas J Overbye
Honors ProjectECE396&UR19790IND -    Umberto Ravaioli
Honors ProjectECE396&VA19893IND -    
Honors ProjectECE396&VV19475IND -    Venugopal V. Veeravalli
Honors ProjectECE396&WC19421IND -    Weng Cho Chew
Honors ProjectECE396&WH19739IND -    William H Sanders
Honors ProjectECE396&WM19877IND -    Wen-mei Hwu
Honors ProjectECE396&WO19693IND -    Bill O'Brien, Jr.
Honors ProjectECE396&WS19781IND -    Peter Sauer
Honors ProjectECE396&YB19874IND -    Yoram Bresler
Honors ProjectECE396&ZK19564IND -    Zbigniew T Kalbarczyk
Honors ProjectECE396&ZL19498IND -    Zhi-Pei Liang
Honors ProjectECE396010013IND -    
Honors ProjectECE396ADG19458IND -    Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia
Honors ProjectECE396AGS19471IND -     Alexander Schwing
Honors ProjectECE396ALV19716IND -    Juan Alvarez
Honors ProjectECE396AM19826IND -    Andrew Miller
Honors ProjectECE396BTC19547IND -    Brian T Cunningham
Honors ProjectECE396CB19851IND -    Can Bayram
Honors ProjectECE396CM19747IND -    Marco Caccamo
Honors ProjectECE396CR19425IND -    Chandrasekhar Radhakrishnan
Honors ProjectECE396DC19481IND -    Deming Chen
Honors ProjectECE396DW19731IND -    Daniel M Wasserman
Honors ProjectECE396FFL19473IND -     Matthew Caesar
Honors ProjectECE396GAO19560IND -    Liang Gao
Honors ProjectECE396GLL19882IND -    Gang Logan Liu
Honors ProjectECE396GP19888IND -    Gabriel Popescu
Honors ProjectECE396HAH19865IND -    Haitham Al-Hassanieh
Honors ProjectECE396HZ19897IND -    Hao Zhu
Honors ProjectECE396ID19453IND -    Ivan Dokmanic
Honors ProjectECE396IOA19387IND -    Idoia Ochoa
Honors ProjectECE396IR19884IND -    Raluca Ilie
Honors ProjectECE396JBA19586IND -    Jont Allen
Honors ProjectECE396JD19885IND -    John Michael Dallesasse
Honors ProjectECE396JJM19557IND -    Jonathan J Makela
Honors ProjectECE396JMJ19881IND -    Jianming Jin
Honors ProjectECE396KH19855IND -    Kiruba Sivasubramaniam Haran
Honors ProjectECE396KN19489IND -    Klara Nahrstedt
Honors ProjectECE396LG19553IND -    Lynford L Goddard
Honors ProjectECE396LL19483IND -    Minjoo Lawrence Lee
Honors ProjectECE396LV19506IND -    Lav R Varshney
Honors ProjectECE396LW19873IND -    Lara Waldrop
Honors ProjectECE396LY19722IND -    Yi Lu
Honors ProjectECE396MAB19479IND -    Mohamed Ali Belabbas
Honors ProjectECE396MB19600IND -     Michael Bailey
Honors ProjectECE396MD19720IND -    Minh N Do
Honors ProjectECE396MDW19590IND -    Martin D F Wong
Honors ProjectECE396MG19817IND -    Matthew Gilbert
Honors ProjectECE396MLO19576IND -    Michael L Oelze
Honors ProjectECE396MR19886IND -    Maxim Raginsky
Honors ProjectECE396NB19494IND -    Nikita Borisov
Honors ProjectECE396NK19726IND -    Nam Sung Kim
Honors ProjectECE396OM19491IND -    Olgica Milenkovic
Honors ProjectECE396P-S19437IND -    Paris Smaragdis
Honors ProjectECE396PD19572IND -    Peter D Dragic
Honors ProjectECE396PK19500IND -    Paul G Kwiat
Honors ProjectECE396PKH19700IND -    Pavan Kumar Hanumolu
Honors ProjectECE396RAK19708IND -    Rakesh Kumar
Honors ProjectECE396RPP19702IND -    Robert Pilawa-Podgurski
Honors ProjectECE396RR19875IND -    
Honors ProjectECE396RRC19412IND -    Romit Roy Choudhury
Honors ProjectECE396RVB19751IND -    Rashid Bashir
Honors ProjectECE396SB19778IND -    Subhonmesh Bose
Honors ProjectECE396SC19595IND -    Hyungsoo Choi
Honors ProjectECE396SG19541IND -    Songbin Gong
Honors ProjectECE396SL19516IND -     Lui Sha
Honors ProjectECE396SM19787IND -    Sayan Mitra
Honors ProjectECE396SV19891IND -    Shobha Vasudevan
Honors ProjectECE396TB19476IND -    Timothy Bretl
Honors ProjectECE396TC19810IND -    Todd Prentice Coleman
Honors ProjectECE396VG19508IND -    Viktor Gruev
Honors ProjectECE396VK19821IND -    Volodymyr Kindratenko
Honors ProjectECE396WZ19393IND -    Wenjuan Zhu
Honors ProjectECE396XG19880IND -    Grace Xingxin Gao
Honors ProjectECE396XL19496IND -    Xiuling Li
Honors ProjectECE396YCH19448IND -    Yih-Chun Hu
Honors ProjectECE396ZZ19737IND -    Zhizhen Zhao

Official Description

Special project or reading course for James Scholars in engineering. Course Information: May be repeated. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Subject Area

Core Curriculum


Students who wish to receive credit under ECE 396 must first come to an agreement with an individual faculty member regarding the nature of the project, specific goals, credit hours, amount of effort required, and final report. The student is responsible for taking the initiative in arranging for this course credit: there are no regular or organizational meetings for this course. Nonetheless, independent study is highly encouraged for those students wishing to do research or otherwise go beyond what is required in normal classes. Often these experiences lead to further research, to graduate school projects, undergraduate thesis projects. ECE 396 may be the basis upon which a student with a 3.8/4.0 gpa qualifies for graduation with highest honors. We suggest the "rule of 4"--multiply the credit hours by four to get the number of hours per week you should be working on your project.


ECE 396 is the same as ECE 397 but is limited to James Scholars in the College of Engineering.

Detailed Description and Outline

ECE 396 is the same as ECE 397 but is limited to James Scholars in the College of Engineering.

Topical Prerequisites

James Scholar in engineering, and consent of instructor

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