By George W. Swenson, Jr.
Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering and Astronomy
University of Illinois
Published May 1996



In presenting this eclectic group of yarns and recollections, I'm responding to suggestions from a number of colleagues and friends who've listened patiently over the years to my compulsive story-telling. Most of the material has been published elsewhere, in media not easily accessible to many of these friends. However, the effort is aimed at my children and grandchildren, so I've provided some additional continuity of a more personal nature, for which I hope to be forgiven by others. It is not an autobiography, though all of it is in the first person. I hope those who might thumb through this collection may find something to enjoy.

My efforts at nontechnical writing were greatly stimulated by the late Paul K. Hudson, who, as editor of The Bridge of Eta Kappa Nu, the electrical engineering honor society's magazine, frequently urged me to write down the tales I told at the monthly lunches of the Thursday Club. He published everything I wrote without editorial meddling--what a relief from the peer review system of the professional journals!

Champaign, Illinois
April 1996
(c) Copyright 1996 G. W. Swenson, Jr..

Table of Contents

Reprinted from The Bridge of Eta Kappa Nu

Reprinted from IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Newsletter

Reprinted from IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Magazine

Reprinted from Sky and Telescope magazine