Sung-Jin Park

Sung-Jin Park
Sung-Jin Park
Adjunct Research Professor
(217) 333-6686
2040 Electrical & Computer Eng Bldg

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  • Ph.D. Chemistry 1999

Academic Positions

  • Project Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan 2019
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering  2007
  • Visiting Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering  2004
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1999 - 2001 

Other Professional Employment

  • co-Founder, Eden Park Foundation, Champaign IL 2019
  • co-Founder and CEO, Cygnus Photonics, Champaign IL 2019
  • co-Founder and CEO, EPL Power Electronics, Inc. Champaign IL 2018
  • co-Founder, Eden Park Microchem, Inc Champaign IL 2014
  • co-Founder, EP Purification, Inc. Champaign, IL 2010
  • co-Founder and CTO, Eden Park Illumination, Inc. Champaign IL 2007

Research Interests

  • Ozone Technology and Applications
  • MEMs
  • Lighting and Display
  • UV and VUV technology
  • Plasma Chemistry
  • Low Temperature Plasma
  • Microplasma Science and Technology

Research Areas

  • Advanced carbon-based materials and nanoscale devices
  • Electromagnetics and Optics
  • Lasers and optical physics
  • Microcavity lasers and nanophotonics
  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
  • Microelectronics and Photonics
  • Nano-materials
  • Nano-photonics
  • Plasma devices and plasma science
  • Semiconductor electronic devices
  • Semiconductor materials
  • Sensors
  • Ultraviolet photophysics

Chapters in Books

  • J.G. Eden and S.-J. Park, “Microcavity and Microchannel Plasmas: General Characteristics and Emerging Applications,” M. Bonitz et al. (eds.), Complex Plasmas, Springer Series on Atomic, 373 Optical, and Plasma Physics 82, Switzerland 2014

Selected Articles in Journals

  • T. M. Hoang, S. K. Chung, T. Le, S. Park, S.-J. Park, J. G. Eden, C. Holland, H. Wang, O. Momeni, R. Bradley, S. Crane, J. D. Prestage and N. Yu, “Micro Mercury Trapped Ion Clock Prototypes with 10-14 Frequency Stability in 1-Liter Packages,” Sci. Report, 13, 10629, 2023
  • H.J. Yang, S.-J. Park, and J.G. Eden, “Narrowband Attenuation at 157 Ghz by a Plasma Photonic Crystal,”, J. Phys. D., 50, 43LT05, 2017
  • E.R. Blatchley III, D. J. Brenner, H. Claus, T. E. Cowan, K. G. Linden, Y. Liu, T. Mao, S.-J. Park, P. J. Piper, R. M. Simons. D. Sliney, “Far UV-C Radiation: An Emerging Tool for Pandemic Control,” Critical Reviews in Environmental Sci. Technol. 53(6), 733, 2022
  • G. Desmet, A. Michelmore, E. J. Szili, S.-J. Park, J. G. Eden, R. D. Shorta and S. A. Al-Bataineh, “On the effects of atmospheric-pressure microplasma array treatment on polymer and biological materials,” RSC Advances, 3, 13437, 2013.
  • W.K, Jung, S.-J. Park,, “Demonstration of Antiviral Activity of Far-UVC Microplasma Lamp Irradiation against SARS-CoV-2,” Clinical Lab., 67, 1955, 2021
  • A. E. Mironov, S. Park, J. H. Kim, D. J. Sievers, S.-J. Park, S. Spirk, and J. G. Eden, “Photoablative lithography of cellulose acetate at 172 nm: Subtractive 3D printing of biodegradable optical microstructures and molds for polydimethylsiloxane patterning,” APL Materials, 9, 111115, 2021

Professional Societies

  • Sigma Xi, Member
  • SPIE, Member
  • International UV Association, Member
  • International Ozone Association, Member
  • IEEE, Senior Member

Research Honors

  • First Place in Innovative Projects, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Water Award (as a team) (2023 )
  • Innovation Discovery Award (2009)

Other Honors

  • Governer's Export Award (2019)
  • Clean Energy Challenge, Grand Prize (2014)
  • Red Herring 100 Award (2009)