Peng wins Best Symposium Paper Award at 2019 IEEE International Symposium



Illinois ECE Associate Professor Zhen Peng and Illinois ECE PhD student Shen Lin won the Best Symposium Paper Award in the 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Signal & Power Integrity. It is the leading conference of EMC and Signal & Power Integrity techniques to engineers of all backgrounds.

Their paper entitled "A Novel Statistical Model for the Electromagnetic Coupling to Electronics inside Enclosures" focuses on the spatio-spectral statistical analysis of electromagnetic coupling in large, complex electronic systems. The high power radio-frequency interference has become an increasing threat to various mission-critical and safety-critical electronic systems and facilities.

The work achieves a physics-based modeling and simulation capability that predicts the probabilistic behavior of high power radio-frequency induced current and voltages in complex electronic systems. Their research is a joint work with Edl Schamiloglu (University of New Mexico), Zachary B. Drikas (Naval Research Lab), and Thomas Antonsen (University of Maryland).

"The foundation of my research is theoretical, computational, and statistical electromagnetics. The classical electromagnetic (EM) theory guided by Maxwell's Equations has been around for over 150 years. It has an incredible impact on many modern technologies such as antennas and wireless communication, integrated circuits and computer technologies, and more," said Peng.

Nowadays, with the exponential growth in computing power, machine intelligence, quantumn technologies, there are enormous opportunities to continue advancing fundamental EM theories towards next-generation technology developments and applications.