Peng wins Best Paper Award at 2019 EPEPS



Zhen Peng
Zhen Peng
ECE ILLINOIS Associate Professor Zhen Peng recently won the 2019 Best Paper Award at the 28th Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging and System Conference (EPEPS) in Montreal, Canada. EPEPS is the premier international conference on advanced and emerging issues in electrical modeling, analysis and design of electronic interconnections, packages and systems.

With his PhD student Shu Wang (University of New Mexico), Peng's award-winning paper entitled "A Novel Space-Time Building Block Methodology for Transient Electromagnetic Analysis" proposed a space-time building block methodology for efficient time-domain analysis of multi-scale, locally periodic structures.

In their paper, the researchers observed certain symmetry, periodicty, and repetition in the 4D (3D space, 1D time) physical domain. By leveraging the principles of linear superposition and space-time casuality in wave physics, the 4D physical domain can be represented by a few space-time building blocks, which are constructed upon 3D spatial unit cell and 1D time unit. Their work resulted in novel time-evolution schemes for wave propagatino in periodic structures and media.